Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ruffles in Sunshine

This was one of the few left combo's on my list. I did miss this skirt as I didn't take it on my trip to Turkey. Although it is mini it is very comfy and love the pockets. This ruffled top is actually meant to be worn untucked as it has an elsatic band that sits on the waist. But it looks a little bulky and I liked it better this way.  You can see it with and without the shrug jacket. You will also notice in the photos without the jacket I am missing by belt as I lost it in the playground for a while then my friend found it.
Did a ponytail style hair today for the first time. Amazing how easier my hair is to style the less I wash it.
Photos are taken at the beautiful Balboa Park of San Diego...

Ruffle front sleveless top - Forever 21
Burgandy shrug - Alloy Catalog
Denim a-line mini skirt - Charlotte Russe
Belt - thrifted from Turkey
ankle cuff sandals - Victoria's Secret
Gold hoops - from Turkey
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Had another crazy morning. Did a speed grocery shopping first, then went to the car shop to get my stupid car's 'service engine soon' light diagnosed, then finally head out to the park to meet my friend at 10 AM. Love that we walked all the way from the car to the playground only to have my son say he has to go 'potty' so rush back to the bathrooms which are right by the parking lot of course with diaper bag and daughter in tow. Talk about getting your morning exercise. Kids loved the big playground. We then drove to the other part of the park to watch a puppet show followed by a picnic lunch on the lawn. (see below)...
After naps, did a little swimming in our pool than got ready for another dinner party at our house. Thank goodness my mom came over so she entertained the kids for a bit as I got the food and table ready.
After a nice steak dinner, put the kids down and watched another couple episodes of True blood with my friend.


  1. That's a very pretty blouse..I love how it's opened at the front

  2. That ruffled top is just fabulous and your lil' man looks so adorable!

  3. The ruffled top is out of this world. Its gorgeous :) I WANT IT! Love the colour, love the cut love everything about it.

    P.S. Ur son is adorable!


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