Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Night Out

So here is my outfit for the 'big night out'. I could have worn a classic black dress but that wouldn't be quite blog worthy so of course had to mix and match.

This skirt is part of a 3 item set I bought for my high school prom. I guess even then I liked to go against the tradition and wore this mini skirt with a custom made bright colored vest and a sequined headband. This skirt also has a tube top and when worn together looks like a tight dress. And it has a long blazer with sequins in the back. Very pretty.

Today was one day I wish I could have shopped cause I really wanted this hard black sequined clutch from F21 for an evening bag. But, didn't want to break my no shopping rule so barrowed this gold/bronze number from my mom instead. It was quite roomy to fit my camera, phone and cash and keys. And it has metal feet at the bottom which is great.

Since the top has a high neckline no necklaces with the outfit. Instead went with statement cuffs. Mixing gold and bronzes and pearls. And my cool rhinestone ring my mom got from Turkey for  my b-day.

This is the first time I am wearing these shoes. Since I didn't have any black platforms I wanted a pair that can be both worn during the day or at night and really stood out. If I am going to buy a high heeled shoe it means I will only wear it when I am out without kids on special occasions. So, might as well go super high and extereme.  The sequins on the shoes though matched perfect with my skirt. Of course I just went to get the link for the shoes to find out they went on sale and now cost only $34 (real patent leather!). So bummed!

Even tough I am totally against fur this shrug is a family heirloom handed down from my Grandmother, to my mother and now to me. So it has sentimental value. And man does the real thing keep you warm. Plus my husband couldn't stop 'petting' me all through dinner. It is quite soft and does just fine under rain.

Here is the crop sequined top. Also the first time I am wearing this piece. I bought it to bring glam to a layered all cream outfit I have on my list. Since it is super crop it would only be worn layered. But I pulled this skirt all the way to my bra line to make it mini so crop worked just fine on top.

It actually looks better bare legged but it was a cold and rainy night plus I wasn't sure how the closed toe, closed heel new shoes would fair on bare feet after a long night of dancing. I was pleased to find a great selection of sheer nude pantyhose in my sock drawer. All clean, run free and in original packaging. Sometimes I am impressed by how well stocked my own closet is.

Sequined stretch tube skirt - from Turkey
Bronze/gold sequined cream cotton tank top - Forever 21 (new)
Pantyhose - Penti (from Turkey)
Fur Jacket - vintage
Purse - mom's
Bracelets - Forever 21 (new)

Here is how I prepared for our big night.
1. Rest, rest, rest. No make-up can give you the glow of a well rested skin. So, we took a nap when the kids napped.
2. Fresh shower (not the hair since I didn't have time to do a full dry/style of the hair) then matching lotion, parfume combo. I always buy a small size lotion of my favorite parfume. Usually they come in gift sets that way anyway. When you use both the lotion and the parfume the scent really stayes with your whole body. Tonight was Juicy Couture.
3. Feet: just like before hiking I like to slather thick foot cream on my soles and heels before wearing socks and shoes. This prevents blisters. You can also use plain vaseline or vicks!
4. If you have time, mask. I use dermalogica vitamin C mask. It gives instant glow and hydration. Perfect before make up for going out.
5. Nails. I touched up my chipped nail polish after I was totally ready, purse packed and jacket worn and right before we left. That way it just dried on the way.
6. Water, water, water. I started drinking ton of water early in the day so that I can be fully hydrated. Continued drinking one glass of water for each cocktail. Minimizes the effects of hangover. :)

Here is the group shot in front of Stingaree downtown San Diego

And just the girls showing off our legs...
This is the same mommy group I went to spa with the other week. All of us have 3+ yr old sons and 1.5-2 yr old daughters.
We are also a very diverse group: Korean, Russian, Turkish and American. The international mommies are all raising both kids to be bilangual. Pretty cool when we get together and 4 different languages are spoken!

And later in the night at our bottle service booth  next to the dance floor:

We started at 6:45 PM at our house and dined and danced the night away until 1:30 AM...


  1. Hey! İ have the first comment for a change.
    İ love love love this outfit it is so pulled together and ravishingly sexy at the same time. The shoes are adorable and the top is very cute. İ love the vintage fur over everything.All of you girls look great.

  2. You are one HOT MAMA!!! Yowsa!!! I'm glad you had a great night!! You totally deserve it!

    You are one good looking bunch. :)


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