Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ms. Raquel's Style

Another photo inspired outfit today. It came from Raquel Welch's style article I think in the 'In Style' magazine. Knowing I have a very similar trench and almost identical crochet tights that I had not worn in a while I immediately added this to my list...

Obviously I had to wear somethin under the trench though. This dress is knit (similar to Missoni style, right?) I added a brown long sleve top underneath for warmth. This top is size L as I bought it during pregnancy but still looks OK I think.  A bit bulkier than I would like especially under a dress.

Got this from my mom's extra closet among things she is not wearing currently. Love shopping her closet.

Over the trench I added the black faux fur scarf (again from Mom). She said she gets too hot with scarves like this. I don't mind. Plus we are going to be at an event that will be outside tonight so perfect time to bundle up. Plus the animal print jersey gloves (again Mom's) which totally compliment the shoes.

The purse is a vintage and a gift from Mom...

I styled the front of my hair so it looks like I have bangs than pinned this little butterfly barette. You can barely see it though.

And starts the laying down couch shots...

And this is my attempt to copy Raquel Welch's pose above...

Trench Coat - J Crew
Dress - Forever 21
Animal print flats - Paolo
Brown LS knit top - Banana Republic
Gloves, scarf - from Mom
Purse - LV Vintage

Today's Activities: Woke up late and slightly hangover this morning. It was bitter sweet to not have the kids in the AM. We were glad to not have to jump out of bed for breakfast but also missed how they always cuddled with us and kissing and smelling their sleepy faces. I made french toast for my hubby and tea and we lounged on the couch for a long time. My mom and stepdad took the kids to sea world so they didn't bring them until nap time. After nap we played in the house for a while then went to the Grinch Christmas Tree Lighing ceremony show at Balboa Park in San Diego. The event was free but you had to make reservations in advance.  We'll be seeing the play (Grinch who stole Christmas) in couple of weeks so this was great to get my son excited about the play, get to know the characters etc... They performed some songs that kids loved watching. Then the tree was lit. Not much of anything else but bought hot cacoa and cookies and free popcorn and they get to run around. Plus we bought a grinch toy and the book which we read before he went to bed. So, of course the whole car ride back we were bonbarded with 'who is grinch?', 'what kind of an animal is he?', 'is he real?', 'is he plastic?', 'does he have hands?', 'Why does he have hands?'... then the topic was turned in to christmas and he started remembering his ornaments from last year, kept asking us he wants to look at them, 'where is my tree', 'can we look at the ornaments tonight?' when can we buy the tree?' etc... It was an exhausting ride back. I am pretty sure we will be putting up xmas ornaments and buying their tree this weekend. Cause all we could say was 'after thanksgiving' and this little one has a scary memory and won't let us forget!

Here are some cool pics from our night:

My daughter in her 3 piece baby gap suit (I got this whole set from a thrift store for $12). It is brown velvet with tiny pink polka dots. I love the hat!

My son's new grinch converses:

Sharing some popcorn with my daughter while my son plays with his new Grinch toy:

Family in front of the 'grinch' xmas tree. It is pink and white. I will take some day pics when we see the play next month:

Here is a close-up of the family. I am thinking if our other photos don't turn out good we might use this for xmas cards... 


  1. What a great family photo! That is a really cool tree. :)

    Your mom has some awesome pieces in her closet!!

  2. Saw your comment - that's the exact thing my sister was telling me!! LOL So happy I got the heads up on that one!!

  3. Your family is just so beautiful!

  4. Such a chic look! And I love the animal print accents!

  5. Great mod looking the clothes..everyone looks so cute!!

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  6. you look like her! This is such a great look for you!

  7. These are some great pictures! The outfit looks great with all the animal accesories indeed. Mixing patterns really looks cool here and with a classic trench coat it is all pulled together. On the other hand İ think Juliet should have her own blog!!


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