Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Trip

This is the debut of my new sweater dress bought a while ago but it was never cold enough to wear it. As you know I like to create at least 3-4 different combos for each piece of clothing I purchase. This happens to be the least exciting combo with this dress but it was comfy and appropriate for my day's activities.

Went very simple. Brown leggings, rugged boots and I added the red long sleeve top underneath so my arms weren' bare. I do not understand why they make wool tops short sleeved. What kind of weather are you suppose to be covered in wool with bare arms?

As an accessory decided to wear this long navy blue necklace my husband brought from his work trip to India. It picks up the navy in the dress. It has a great matching bracelet but that was too clingy and loud for my 6 AM starting day.

Today's Activities: My day started at 5 AM. I actually couldn't sleep after 4 AM so you can imagine. Went to my Dad's by 6 and met my brother there and we all drove up to Los Angeles for my Dad's day of lab and dr appointments. Although it is a grueling day of running from one appt to another and a lot of car time it is nice to catch up with both of them without any kid distractions. After we got back to SD I went to pick up the kids but mom had promised to take them to a play area so I went to run errands by myself. Did the thanksgiving grocery shopping and came home to unpack everything. At night was my project of sock drawer organization. Which  my husband thinks I am insane to even have such 'project'. But as I indicated before I can't find any of my tights or ankle socks and it was a mess. I have too many tights now and in very similar shades and spend 5 minutes when getting ready to find the right one.
So, first used a smaller jewelry organizer to place my fishnet type stockings:

Then used this shoe organizer for my tights. Although as you can see the pink color is not helping me easily see the color of the tights. So, I am going to look for the same thin in clear.

Finally for the remainning socks in my drawer, used old shoe boxes to separate them...

Here I am with my dad and brother in front of one his appointments....


  1. ok you have a lot of socks and tights...but I guess I do too...brilliant idea with the shoe storage thingy..I'm going to get myself one so I can do this! I think this will be the best solution for my tights!
    I love the necklace your hubby bought you...he has great taste!

  2. I totally need to get organized. You've inspired me!

  3. First of all, I adore this sweater dress. The colours are brilliant!

    Second of all, thank you for showing us your drawers/hosiery bags! You don't know how much this sort of organization thrills me!

    heart: Kimberellie


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