Monday, November 22, 2010

Dressing up sweat pants

I just feel ‘ok’ about today’s outfit. Not loving it and not hating it either. I have quite  a few combinations in the ‘dressed up fleece’ trend so this is one of them. Not my favorite though.  Of course there is an inspiration behind it like most of my outfit combo's. This one came from the Michael Kors fashion show post, posted by the lovely Christa from enSTYLEpedia.
Here is the inspiration photo:

Since I had already bought these sweat pants, when I saw this look I was ecstatic about adding another combo with them. I realize I don't have that fancy fur collared coat but I comprimised with what I own and that is the whole point. Creating new stuff with things you already own.

This is the first time I am wearing these pants and the cardigan. Both F21 purchases of course. The pants fit the dressed up sweats trend so well. They are sweat pants but not really. First of all they are thin. Second they are more styled like harem pants. I wished though I had gottan one size up so it would look baggier to show off the harem cut. These fit a bit more snug like leggings. They sure are comfy though.  

So, my first version of this look is with this fur scarf and the high cognac colored platform sandals. I think the pants look great with heels. And the fur adds warmth the sandals take away.

However, I couldn’t walk in these shoes all day so here is another version of the outfit:

Switched up the open toed sandals for the wedge booties and since there is fur on the boots took off the scarf and added a necklace. I still like the v1 better though.

See how I wore 2 belts just the way they did at the inpsiration photo! The dark brown is a double anyway, then I added the cognac colored one to compliment the shoes and  I like how 3 strands look against the white tee.

I absolutely love this cardigan. When I started my search for a chunky cream cardigan, I kept browsing the ‘new additions’ section of F21 website for days. Finally they brought this. It is just pefect. It looks chunky but is not bulky. The color is perfect. The open front that drapes but is fitted around the waist makes it look relaxed but not baggy. Also, you can overlap the front sides and the braid design lines up perfectly for times I want to belt it. Just love it. J

So, I got dressed and took these photos early in the morning without having access to my inspiration photo. You see I just recently started actually saving my digital inspiration photos. Before I was just noting where I got the inspiration. So, this photo was not save and I dug it up after I got home. Then realized they used leg warmers on the legs. So before the outing to the movies I added them. What do you think?

Oatmeal Cardigan – Forever 21
Sweat legging pants – Forever 21
White tee – Twilight collection from Nordstrom rack
Belts & fur scarf – Forever 21
Platform sandals & watch – Michael Kors
Wedge booties – Victoria’s Secret Catalog
Leather and coin necklace – handmade from Turkey

Today’s Activities: No preschool today since we are on Thanksgiving holiday. Took it easy in the morning letting the kids play. They don’t last more than couple hours of indoor play so I had to make the most of it by paying bills and making beds and getting ready etc… Packed up their gear again and took them to my mom’s once more. So great to have family around when you have no childcare for days of Dr appts. Went to my infusion/injection appointment which takes couple hours. Came home for lunch and resting. Then went out for some organizer/xmas decorations shopping. I have been looking for an organizer for my ever growing tight collection. They are all jumbled all over my sock drawer and I have a hard time seeing which colors I have and where.

I was also looking for an organizer for my daughter’s hair accessories. I had a 3 mini drawer unit for her but she has too many barrets now to fit. So just bought more drawers to neatly organize and separate them all.
I will do a segment on my closet organization tips one day.
Since the kids are staying at my mom’s and my husband is at the Charger game (my b-day gift to him) I was free to have plans of my own. So, after this shopping I met my sister at the mall. For a quick bite to eat and catch up. Then we saw an early showing of ‘Morning Glory’. Very funny movie. Light but a good pick me up. Very early morning tomorrow.


  1. Love this look, so cozy and comfy! those sandals are to die for! Thanks for stopping over and visiting my blog and commenting!

  2. I wear sweatpants a lot. I never thought of dressing them up.

  3. I love the look with the leg warmers and sandals! It's a great copy - although I think yours is way better with the cardi!

  4. I never thought I would like the look of dressed up sweats...but I'm liking this! Love it with the sandal..and the boots!

  5. oh Daphne, you did awesome here. In fact this might be my favorite outfit of yours! I wore my "jogging" pants with heels and liked it so much that I'm looking for a gray pair kind of like yours and Kelly's (from Dressing Mommy).
    I also love the dress from your previous post.

  6. I must hunt down those "sweatpants!" They look so darn comfy!

  7. you totally pulled this look off! you look amazing, great take on the michael kors! i'm super impressed!

  8. Found your blog on a google hunt for "dressing up sweatpants," because I recently got some pants at F21 and have been mulling over ways to wear them. Love how you styled yours!



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