Friday, November 26, 2010

Comfy Pencil Skirt

This is just a pretty basic ordinary outfit with a bit of punch from the designed tights and red shoes. I got my inspiration for this from this lovely lady in Chictopia:

This is not an outfit I would get overly excited about but I picked it cause it allowed me to wear my crop jean jacket that I haven't touched in ages. And that is what I look for the most in inspiration photos. New ways to wear my old and existing clothes.

Amazingly wearing a pencil skirt all day running after kids was not uncomfortable at all. This skirt is made of very stretchy material so may be that is why. It just shows you though you don't have to be in yoga pants or jeans all the time to be comfortable.

Could have added a bright red scarf (which I own) but though this tapestry burgandy colored one was a better choice.

These 'chevron' tights were a nice add-on to add a bit of interest to the outfit...

Bright big earings to glam it up a bit...

Pulled these red flats from the maternity bin I had loaned my sister-in-law. She wasn't wearing them so figured I could get some use out of them.
I am so sorry by the way for all the water spots all over my skirt and socks. I just washed the kids hands before getting out the door and this is what happens.

Crop Jean Jacket - not sure I don't recognize the brand
Pencil Skirt - Forever 21
Red Tee - Charlotte Russe
Chevron tights - not sure
Red Flats - Rampage
Earings - Forever 21
Scarf - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Oh it was just a perfect day today. The weather was georgous. Had this crispiness to it but totally sunny and clear. My son woke up all excited cause we promised to get down xmas decorations since Thanksgiving had passed. We first took a walk on the boardwalk (Pacific Beach, San Diego) before hitting our local xmas tree lot (which is 2 blocks from the beach).  I just love spending time with the family. Kids do too cause they are in a great mood when both my husband and I take them somewhere fun. We went on the pier. My husband walked along the whole pier with my daughter while my son and I watched the surfers trying to catch a wave in this very calm weather. It was just one of those perfect moments where you wish it would last forever. At the xmas tree lot my son selected his tree almost immediately. This is our family tradition where the kids get a fresh tree which they decorate on their own with their non breakable ornaments for the family room. Our fake tree with all the heirloom ornaments remain hands off in the living room. The minute we came home of course he wanted to decorate but we negotiated 3 ornaments only before nap then the rest later. He did nap pretty good and even tough we were invited to go to Legoland with our friends using their passes he turned it down so he can decorate his tree. I had already put the lights up when they were napping so it was ready. The ornaments are all bulked up on the back of the tree but hey this is theirs. My son also won't let anyone move a single ornament from the spot he put it on anyway.
Later my dad came over and while the kids played we started to decorate the big tree... It was just a perfect perfect day and not a minute was spent on shopping in a mall or online. Some black Friday. I would never want to trade a day like this to any day with great bargains. And this is coming from the shopping diva.

Here is us on the pier... Kids are too mesmerized with the surfers to turn around for the camera...

 Surfers we watched...

My son checking out his 'Santa Rock's Tee...

With their selected xmas tree and the mini pine bushes they got as a gift at the tree lot...

We actually posed in front of this huge 9 feet tree (worth $180) in the tree lot but I guess the lady took more of the trailer in the back ground than the tree itself...  

Decorating their tree at home in the afternoon...

And this is my son posing (very) close to his precious lion king ornaments (I got the simba and nala one from ebay last year as it is a 1994 ornament, but the pumba one was from hallmark's current collection last year) 

And here is Dad and I starting to decorate the big tree later on over couple glasses of wine! :) And see still wearing the same clothes earings and all... Like I said very comfy...


  1. YAY for Christmas trees and decorating and lights! I can't believe it is December this week. Crazy!
    And I love a good pencil skirt. They always make me feel so polished. Oh and you are rocking those sunnies! :)


  2. Such a great look! Adore your tree trimming photos, the kiddos are adorable! The Christmas season is upon us (ready or not - I'm not! LOL!)

  3. Awww.....the kiddos look great ...and I love your red and blue:)

    Happy Saturday hunnie!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  4. love all the pictures and the the combination of red and denim . The shoes are perfect for running around. Christmas is in the air!!The kids look so cute with their tree!

  5. Darling photos! Great scarf & earrings

    Come by and enter my giveaway for some beautiful jewelry if you like:

  6. I love those red slingbacks, they really pop against your grey tights! It is so cute that you guys decorated your christmas tree, I can't wait to decorate mine!


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