Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Nights

First I want to thank all those that commented on my outfit and the story post from yesterday. I wasn't sure if people would be interested and it was great to see such nice comments.

This was the only full body shot we took and it is blurry. By the time I downloaded the photos I was already wearing outfit#2 so too late. Oh well... Of course there is an inspiration photo behind this one too...

You can see today's is not a total 'copycat' look but more the idea of wearing a boucle blazer over a dress. And I love the oppportunity to use my summer dresses in fall/winter.

I love this jacket. It is boucle material which is so channel like. And the tone on tone fur trim is so lux. Got this years and years ago from TJ Maxx. It picks up the cream in the silk dress. This dress also looks great in summer with white platform sandals and I accessorieze with gold and orange jewelry and a bright orange clutch.

The cream ruffle boots continues to make it a fall/winter outfit. Added the gold and rhinestone cuffs for interest. The large bead necklace with mini gold beads in between is chunky but feminine at the same time.

Zipped up the jacket above so you can see the details. I really need to create a few more combo's with this jacket. Forgot how much I liked it.

Cream Boucle Jacket - TJ Maxx
Silk Dress - Arden B
Cream ruffle boots - Newport News Catalog
Cuffs - Forever 21
Bead Necklace - Off Fifth

Two very different activities today so wore two different outfits!
Here is outfit #2:

This was also an inspiration from the following:

This was a perfect get-up for our activity which was all outdoors and it was quite chilly...It is a pretty simple get-up, the highlight being the fur jacket.

I love these long leather gloves I got way back. They go so perfectly with a 3/4 sleeve tops.

Grey t-neck - H&M
Fur Jacket - Vintage (family heirloom)
Skinny dark Jeans & Cuffs - Forever 21
Stillettho Boots - Escada
Watch - Michael Kors
Leather Gloves - Ann Taylor
Scarf and Hat - Gifts

Today's Activities: In the morning we took the kids to an event called 'Breakfast with Santa'. Met our mommy group friends there so it was fun. Long lines to see Santa and to get the food but we managed. They had a kid concert and couple art stations. Then let the kids play outside a bit.
Had lunch at home and after naps took them to another event called 'December Nights'. This event takes place every year at our city's big major park, Balboa Park. It lasts two nights. It is hectic and crowded but I like going.  We got to listen to a few different concerts and watched a great dance show. Kids got to see all the lights and the xmas decorations. They even do a huge nativity story but decorating each room with part of the story. We had dinner there and returned home in plenty of time for baths and bedtime. Full but great day. Now if I can only finish my projects for the night. Just finished my online shopping but still have to work on creating our xmas cards.

Here are some photos from our day....

Kids at the Breakfast:

With Santa (the photo they took will be better obviously) 

Our attempts at a group shot. These are the kids of that parent group we went clubbing couple weeks ago.
See 4 boys (3+) and 4 girls (1.5 to almost 2)... 

Here is part of Balboa Park (supposed to be over 300,000 people):

Santa and its reindeers: 

This was one part of the dance show where these 60+ yr old ladies did an amazing number: 


  1. İ love the first outfit it is so much like flowers peeking from snow! with perfect boots. The second one is more on the wild side and looks so cozy but chic. You are such inspiration to all of us out there like me who will pick the same outfit from yesterday in a rush... Very cute kids dressed red and black and matching Santa!

  2. Both outfits are great...very chic!

  3. That first outfit is so very lovely! I love the shoes!! You look like a little movie star. :)

    I am so glad I ran across your blog! I'm also a fashion loving mama. ;)

  4. Love that ivory jacket and that second look is outstanding - so chic!!!

  5. Totally dig that fabulous, Wilma reminiscent, necklace!


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