Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Biker Chic vs. Sexy Plaid

Today, I will be demonstrating creating two different looks with the same primary items. I got the inspiration from the following photo:

The primary items are the plaid ruffle front shirt and the dark grey skinny jeans. For the day outfit I created the 'biker chic' outfit by adding my motorcycle leather jacket (from College) and the military boots.
For accessory chose this black leather fringe necklace on a silver chain. Wore it a bit longer and I think it goes well.  This is the necklace I found on Bebe's Clearence rack for $10. The cool thing is the fringes never get tangled unlike my silver one from H&M.

These boots were already old to begin with and this winter they are being worn to death and as I suspected don't think they will make it to another season. But for now they go great under these types of outfits. Over skinny jeans they look very rugged which was exactly the look I was going for.

As I always mention I keep a list of outfits on an excel spreadsheet. As I get ideas and inspirations I add to thsi list and take off stuff I have worn. I separate the outfits by season and then by type. I use three types: 'Dressy' for those outfits worn with heels, 'Everyday' outfits that are worn with flats or comfy shoes and lastly 'Both' which are outfits like these that can be worn with both flats and heels. I go to this category whenever I have an event at night. That way I dress once and change only a few things in my outfit for the night portion.

Here is the NIGHT oufit:

Switched off the military boots for patent leather heels, went from silver to gold jewelry and traded in my biker jacket for the retro crinkled leather jacket. Also added a purse since I won't be carrying a diaper bag at night.

Here are the shoes and the purse and the ring and the watch:

Here is the outfit with the Jacket. This is the jacket we found at the Thread Show for $40. My mom bought it for me as a present. I absolutely love it.

Skinny Jeans - Closet
Plaid shirt - Gap

Biker Jacket - Contempo Casuals (whereever that is from??)
Military Boots - Steve Madden
Fringe Necklace - Bebe

Jacket - Thrifted at Thred Show
Patent Leather Heels - Steven by Steve Madden
Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Ring - From Turkey
Watch - Ed Hardy
Purse - Chloe

Today's Activities: Finally made it to preschool after a 2.5 week break. It was nice to see everyone. Still tough to get the kids to sit through circle times but I bought a similar calendar for home for my son to learn the days/months and speculate the weather etc... Hoping it will make it more fun and interesting for him. I have not been feeling great today, signs of cold, so took a nap when the kids napped. Therefore had to cook dinner when they woke up. It is pretty much easier to cook anytime but right before dinner time. They get too cranky and hungary and my daughter attaches herself to my leg. But when I cook off hour they seem to tolerate it. Odd. As I was getting ready though got an email from my girlfriend indicating she won't make it tonight to our dinner plans. So there goes my night outfit. Took the photos anyways since I was already dressed. But as we were going to the indoor play area, did switch to uggs. :) After dinner we all sat on the couch (hubby included) and watched half of ice age 3 with the kids. They were so cute. I love moments like those.

Here are some random pictures with the kids as I was doing my photo shoot. They insist on having these taken which is really the only time at least my son will pose for the camera!




  1. This is awesome!! I love both looks!

  2. First time leaving a comment, but I just HAD to say.. do you REALLY not remember Contempo Casuals? They went out of business years ago, but were really popular around 2000. I was going to tell you that they competed with Wet Seal, but I just googled it and found out that Wet Seal acquired Contempo Casuals in 1995 and in 2001 they converted most of the stores to Wet Seal and some converted to Arden B. Just thought I would share!

  3. Love the way you changed the look with couple things.The biker jacket is very cool and never will be out of style. The new patent leather thrifted jacket is super cool and goes with everything. Great essential pieces. Love Juliets outfit and her new hair do!! Trevor is looking very hip and still with a fake smile;)

  4. You look so biker chic! I love how easily you are able to switch your outfits from day to night.

    Your kids are just totally adorable - they really know how to work the camera! I'd take a night in cuddling with them and a movie over a dinner out any day! :)

  5. You look HOT! I love the plaid and adore the look with the heels. Your children are seriously adorable!!!

  6. I love the day-to-night transition. Such simple changes but it really did change the whole outfit. I would love it if you did a post on how you manage your outfit spreadsheet. Very interested in that.
    (In grad school, part of my grad work (AKA slave labor) was to manage data bases.)
    Cute kid pics too :)

  7. damn, you totally rocked this, and i love it. us moms need clothes that can easily transition from day to night as well as throught the day's activities...and this outfit certainly did. nice job. adorable kiddos, too!

  8. Love how you worked it both ways! Fab! Your kiddos are adorable :o)


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