Monday, January 3, 2011

Layers of black and grey

Today outfit is another J Crew catalog inspired one. See photo below:

To get the white and black lace effect I wore a white tee under the lace blouse. Since my jacket is not crop for hoodie to show under I zipped it up a bit. This jacket is again part of one of my business suits. 

Since there are lot of layers whatever accessory I put looked too much, so just went with this black/silver onyx ring. These 'chevron' tights are old but I have hardly worn them prior to blogging and unfortunately the last wash must have created a huge hole on one of the heels. So not sure if I will be able to wear it again. By the way that is not a spot on my leg, I just have a bad bruise!

Here is a better view of what i have underneath the jacket: 

Blazer Jacket - part of a Tahari suit
Silver zip-up hoodie - Bebe Sport
Lace Blouse - Forever 21
White tee worn under - Target
Shorts - Bebe
'Chevron' Tights - Can't remember
Suede boots - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Since I had a dr appt today we did not go to preschool, instead got more stuff done around the house, like putting away laundry, putting away more items left over from the NYE party and changing the water of the poor beta fish that have been swimming in muggy water almost all month! Dropped off the kids at my mom's and went to my infusion appt, followed by lab. Since it was already early afternoon went to the store by my mom's to pick up some food then picked up the kids and came home to cook dinner and pay the bills while the kids made more mess and carried every toy to whereever I was. After dinner we piled them up in my husband's car and drove down in separate cars so we can drop off mine at the repair shop for service and oil change tomorrow. Went to the frozen yogurt place afterwards as a treat to the kids. They loved being there. Came home and put them down for the night. Have to go to bed early as I have to get up at 4:45 AM to go to my Dad's Dr appt in Laguna Beach at 7 AM! I will see if what I will be wearing will be blog worthy or not. Or if I even get around to taking photos.


  1. This looks awesome Daphne! Again, way better than the pic you copied it from! And happy new year.
    xo MODELmumma

  2. love this look! it's casual and super put together at the same time.
    you had a busy day! and an early morning tomorrow! yikes. my busy day is tomorrow, my daughter is turning 7! lots of errands to run!

  3. Great layering! I love how you always look so put together no matter what you are doing! :)

  4. You're definitely pulling off the tights with shorts look! Loved seeing where your inspiration is from.

  5. Very chic. I just found my grey shorts under a mound of laundry. Now I have some inspiration to style them.

  6. So cute - in love with the grey shorts!!

  7. Looks amazingly put together love every pice but most favorite item is the hose and the lace shirt which gives a female detail to shorts and boots combo. İ am sure the doctor was in heaven;)) Not everyday he gets a patient in front of him looking like this İ bet!!!


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