Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Comfy in Ruffles

Real simple outfit today. Not that exciting but you can't get more excited about dressing up at 4:50 AM in the morning which is when I woke up! The jeggings (denim leggings) were perfect for an all day of car ride and sitting. This brown sweater is a maternity purchase but I kept it cause it is so soft and comfy and love the touch of gold glitter in it.

Wore the lace and tulle hem tank top underneath to add interest. Needed more coverage on top so that worked out perfectly. As I had mentioned before I bought this tank top solely for its hem and it does look great under everything.

My brother felt my ruffle high heel boots were a bit much for our day but I don't get to wear these high heels normally with kids so figured why not today when I am going to do minimal walking. They somewhat compliment the ruffle hem of the tank too. The vintage D&B purse's colors were too perfect to pass up.

The pose my dad laughed at...

Sweater - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Ruffle hem tank - Charlotte Russe
Denim Leggings - Guess
Ruffle boots - Newport News Catalog
Purse - Dooney & Burke
Watch - Michael Kors
Feather Earings - Thread Show

Today's Activities: As I said woke up at 4:45 AM this morning. My brother and Dad picked me up at 5:20 AM and we headed for Laguna beach for my dad's blood phroesis (sp?) appointment. Lots of waiting around for us and uncomfortable sitting position for my Dad for 3+ hours. At least he got to watch a DVD (they had a pretty good selection) while my brother and chatted and browsed internet on his ipad for baby gear for their upcoming baby. By the time we got out it was only 10:30 AM but we were starving and hard to find a lunch place open that early. We got lucky and found an apparently chain restaurant that we had never heard of called Z pizza. They make healthy organic pizzas with great toppings. Tried 4 different mini ones and they were yummy. The drive back was fast but we were all so tired. Except I drank too much coffee and coke and couldn't nap. Waited for my car to finish before picking up the kids from my Mom's.


  1. You must have been one of those cute, little pregnant women. I swear I had to wear tents when I was pregnant, I gained so much weight :)
    Very cute outfit. I love the layering tank, especially the tulle hem.

  2. How is it you can make maternity pieces look so amazing post baby?!

  3. great boots and love the tulle under the sweater!

  4. I hope your dad is feeling ok! I still have some maternity purchases that I rock too!

  5. Those white boots are off the hook! I hope your dad is feeling ok!


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