Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unusual Colors

Different color combination today. I cut out this picture back late summer and hadn't had a chance to wear it yet. Here is my inspiration photo:

I liked this black and white silky top layered over purple. I had a purple LS cotton top but it has a silver design and button front. So I wore it backwards to get the solid purple front you see in my outfit! :)

This polka dot silk top was a b-day gift from my sister from one of my favorite stores: Bebe. It is obviously a very dressy top. But, worn like this over a cotton top top of cords with rugged boots it works for day time doesn't it?

I wear this watch all the time in my outfits but don't think ever got a good photo of it before. My new camera rocks! :) 
This is the ring my aunt made. I absolutely love it...

Playing around with the camera and trying to put some action into the photos! :)

Purple cotton top - From Turkey
Silk Top - Bebe
Mustard Cords - Forever 21
Brown Belt - Macy's may be? Not certain
Rugged Boots - Steve Madden
Watch - Michael Kors
Ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: We are back to our normal schedule now with swimming in the morning and music class in the afternoon. Kids were very excited to get back in the pool this morning. My daughter for the first time was able to scale the pool wall with her hands all by herself. After swim, we went to eat gyros (my son's favorite as it is also a big Turkish dish) at a greek restaurant.  Then did a bit of grocery shopping before heading home for naps. We left shortly after they woke up so we can get a snack (and most importantly coffee for me) at the coffee shop right by the music class. They have a mini play area for the kids so love that place. Got home after music class and met my sister who came over to visit us and we had dinner together.


  1. the mix of "mustard/purple " is totaly perfect ! The combination of top sweater-belt and rugged boots are awesome. I love this vintage inspiration, so cool rock and chic ... this is a must for a comfy day ! these actually colors are the greatest choice, you have very good tastes and it is a look so cute, we say in French "intemporel".
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011...

  2. I am doing this ‘Follow Friday 40′ that I saw over at Java's blog and I am now following you! This is such a cool idea isn’t it?! Love your blog by the way - the outfit rocks and the pics are fabulous!

  3. Great color combo! You wear it well.

  4. I really LOVE that belt!!!! Also loving this color combo! Not many people can pull off mustard cords but you do it flawlessly. :)

  5. I love purple and mustard together. I'm taking a cue from you and starting a look book from all of my magazines. I like how you make notes on the side. So gonna steal that idea from you :)

  6. I love this colour combo...and I love the mix of girly and rugged!

  7. İ love that jacket with scalloped edge and the color combo is great. Love thewatch especially for thşs outfit! Cool action picture by the way it must be a really good camera!

  8. Hi this is Nicole from Colies Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

  9. I love your blog ! Love the baby hump fashion and love this outfit !
    I am at Chictopia too. Maybe we can be friends there too !

    I am your newest follower from the blog hop, come say hi and follow me !

    Following your blog!
    Please follow back!
    If you could follow me on Facebook, that would be great!
    The Dad!

  11. Love the purple and mustard together - great outfit!


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