Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't wrap me up

Nothing new or different in this outfit except the way I wore my wrap around cardigan. Got the idea to wear it this way from this photo in the Anthropologie catalog back in fall:
It was this small photo in a corner of a page: 

When I saw this it reminded me of my cardigan that I always like to wear draped over my shoulder.

I had this mock wrap around red tee to wear under but it was too open in front so had to add a tank under that which made it 3 layers:

Instaed of my usual black or brown belts decided to tie this cream sequined sash belt so it pops. I had always tied these sashes with the end dangling but got the idea to tuck them from a new bloger I found. I can't remember her site now though...

I tried different shoes under this and nothing really called to me. These Mary Janes were the best bet, but even these I am not crazy about...

Trying to create props with my living room furniture. Not succeeding...

The light outside was not the best, so I after shooting the photo below I moved inside... 

Wrap around cardigan - Forever 21
Red Tee- Can't remember
Red Tank - Newport News
Black Skinny Cargos - Target
Brown Mary Janes - Blowfish (from Zappos)
Sash Belt - Forever 21

Here is my daughter by the way trying to pose like me then decided to lift her legs and said 'I'm flying"

Wednesday Activities: I was fooling around on the internet last night and it got too late for me to post before going to bed so posting this in the morning the next day. Wed morning we went to preschool. For first time in preschool history my son sat and listened in all 3 circle times without me having to encourage and threaten him with time-outs. I hid in the background the whole time and was amazed and how good he was. I praised him to death hoping he will repeat next week. After naps at home we started an adventure.
Took them to the gym! I haven't been to the gym for sooooo long (at least 1.5 years)! I keep my gym mebership cause it is so cheap ($12 a month) and it is good at almost all the location all over the country so silly to cancel. Registered and dropped them off at the 'kids club' which you pay extra but that is OK. Took a class called 'muscle blast' which is strength trainning with dumbells and weight bars. The good thing is I am an ex-gym junkie so I have taken every kind of class and now all the equipment and the routine and correct form. So my body just took it all naturally during class. Lets just see how I feel tomorrow (I am usually sore 2 days later). I did light weights to start so lets see. My new goal is to fit in at least 1 hopefully 2 gym classes per week. I am dying to try the new zumba class with my friend on Sunday's. Since it is only an hour kids don't mind it and this gym was in their favorite mall. We picked up the stroller from the car and went inside the mall to see the dolphin statue pools then to the food court for dinner. My husband was going to work late so this was a good plan for tonight. Then rushed back home so we can do baths. We still had a bit of time before story time so popped in their new Shrek (4) movie in the new 'men's cave' my husband started to set-up in our bedroom and watched it together all cuddled up. I even fit in a quick shower beforehand. Very efficient.


  1. Everything looks great in this outfit except the color of the belt İ think it would have been a lot better with a chunky brown belt! Well naturally İ have to suggest something different from time to time after all İ am your mother:)What an efficient day you had İ am so proud of you as always!

  2. just curious, so this is not a drop and go preschool? noticed you're there for all the activities which is great! i just love how you got your days and routines down to a science! i didn't use my gym membership for over 5 yrs...finally gave it up, was $40/mo! hope you enjoyed the class! hoping to make use of my one-week free pass and go to turbo kick again tonite.

  3. I love the obi belt with the cardi! Glad you got to hit the gym - isn't it such a great feeling when you get some time for yourself to do something for you?

  4. Love the drapey cardi with the sequin sash as a belt...great how you styled it with red and those shoes!


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