Friday, February 25, 2011

Ice Queen

Super simple outfit today. Given today's activity this was perfect though. Not that it needs inspiration but got the idea of wearing this sweater again when I saw the following:

This is such an old sweater of my mom's. I call this the 'ski sweater' in my list and have worn this skiing many times. I love its colors and the design.

Paired it over the light colored jeans to continue the pastel look. Added the striped shirt from yesterday and the cream beret.  

Too bad you can't really even see or tell I am wearing my taupe wedges.

My mom snapped the photos at the ice ring and the kids insisted they are in it...

Jeans - 7's
Sweater - Mom's
Shirt - From Turkey
Beret - Forever 21
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: We had preschool ice skating field trip today. Our attempts to carpool with a friend was a big effort but we managed. First she couldn't fit 3 car seats in her car but then figured it out. We then got all 3 kids buckled with much effort only to find out she lost her car keys. After 15 minutes of searching and getting the kids back out we found the keys then buckled them back in. Somehow still made it there on time. My mom rushed from her early work appt to meet us there so she can entertain my daughter while I attempted ice skating with my son. Never liking to try new things and with extereme fear of falling and hurting he was bawling for at least the first 10 minutes. Had him take deep breaths and watch some other skaters and very slowly got him going. He eventually warmed up a bit. Luckily there were some mom's that were very skilled and they took turns taking our kids around the ring. I finally got enough confidence myself too. My daughter who was dying to jump in got to try as well wearing my son's 2 sizes too large skates. She of course loved it, had no fear and even tried to skate herself. Just two very opposite kids. We came home to find my husband grandparents had already arrived. It is going to be a fun filled few days with them. They are 93 and 92 and just the most amazing people we know. We get along so well and have a blast.

 Here is my son after warming up a bit...

And my daughter happy as can be...Too bad they don't make her shoe size....


  1. God, I love your sweater! The colors are just magical! I am huge fan of blue!!!

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  2. i like the blue on you...and how did you manage to get matching blue skates, lol! thanks for filling me in on your preschool/schooling situation! i'm sure it would be nice to have some time to yourself...but i sometimes wish i could spend more time with them doing stuff you guys do. i hear you on the cost of school,'s killing me, and my boy only goes half day! imagine the full day tuition!

  3. Love it - looks like you guys had a great day!

  4. I love the sweater! Don't we all love mommies with style? You look great

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