Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taxi Please

I am totally liking this outfit. I had the inspiration a while back from this photo. Rest assured from January on I have been marking my inspiration photos with magazine names and issue dates so when I finally wear the outfit months and months later I can remember. :)

She has a very nice (with a very high price tag) coat on but I made it wearable in San Diego by switching the coat for a blazer jacket instead. You know they have the same looking black and white loafers at Forever 21, if I didn't already have this pair I would have been tempted to buy those.

I had these skinny white jeans for couple years now. They are a bit big so I just have to make sure I wash them each time as they stretch and wear a belt.

The blue striped shirt was a purchase from Turkey past spring. The sleeves can be rolled and buttoned for a shorter sleeve version and it is tunic lenght so very versatile.

I have owned these loafers for soooo long. I used to travel a lot for work and couldn't handle heels between airports and layovers so wore these under work clothes all the time. They were bought full price but one of the best investments as they are very comfy. I kept them in pretty good shape despite their frequent use by using shoe molds.

This had bought for a new year's eve costume has been coming so handy this season. The blazer jacket is made out of a softer knit material so pretty easy to wear with kids than a structured suit jacket.

Photos taken on my bedroom balcony by the way...

Boyfriend Blazer - Newport News Catalog
Blue striped button down - from Turkey (Tally Weijl)
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Loafers - Via Spiga
Hat - Thrifted

Today's Activities: I love Thursdays. We don't have to leave the house until after 11 AM. That is better than actually not having to leave at all. Because with my kids I can never just spend the whole morning at home. They go stir crazy, drive me crazy and would never nap without some substantial activity. So, the fact that on Thursday we have plenty of time but also a planned activity makes it perfect. And the activity of swim class now that I stay dry and watch the kids from sidelines is a very minimal effort activity for me. But a very tiring and fun one for the kids. It is the only thing we do that they truly look forward to it and have fun the whole time. And amazing how a 30 minute class can tire them so much. This morning I even cooked tonight's dinner so I can rest when the kids napped which I did for a little bit. My mother came to join us for the last music class in the afternoon. Then my stepdad came and we had dinner all together followed by watching shrek (#4) and eating popcorn.

Kids had bubbles in music class:

My daughter had this real cute dress on I got from a friend 2nd hand but never could get a good picture of her or the dress. These are the best shots. The one on the right is with my mom.


  1. You look awesome, what a fun outfit! I love the white pants with the black jacket.

    It sounds like you had a full and fun day! Yay for getting to rest during nap time, that's always a plus!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Love your style, found you on chictopia! Now following!!!


  3. İ love these jeans and the blazer to dress them up. The cap makes it casual again and yes in all a very fun outfit with flats and practical to run around with the kids. Well done my sweet mommy. Bubble picture came out really good and İ also love me and Juliet in that picture.


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