Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red tights finally done right

Ok, finally, finally I think I am happy with a red tight combo. I bought these red hot tights 3 years ago from Turkey and haven't found the right way to wear them yet. This is my third attempt in wearing an outfit with red tights and I was not crazy about the other two but this one I like a lot. I got the inspiration from the following Elle (I think) photo:

 Even though her outfit looks like a dress it is actually a skirt and a top so I figured I can simply wear a skirt and a top in all black as well to achieve the same look.

I paired my leather mini with the ruffle hem boucle sweater. The textures and the styles make a good contrast to work. So I didn't have a red resin bracelet but attached this silk rose pin to thinner black ones to give a pop of red on my wrists. And you will never guess where the pin is from? It was on the box of godiva's my husband gave me for Valentine's! And I already have plans to use it in another outfit in summer on my list.

I bought these shoes from Zappos after seeing a blue pair on Kristy from Monochroma.chic.
And just as she stated they are super sturdy despite their high platforms. They wrap your foot super firm and stay put. Love them over colored tights like these as well as on bare foot/legs.

I had been searching for a white fedora all winter long and never found it. Bought this one from Target couple weeks ago as they started bringing spring items. Bought it for the new season but totally works with this outfit as well.

Ruffle Hem Sweater - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Leather Mini Skirt - BCBG
Red tights - from Turkey
Hat - Target
Bracelets - Forever 21
Rose pin - Godiva
Platforms - Aldo (from Zappos)
Purse - Guess

Tonight's Activites: Funny how much my style has evolved since starting this blog. The purpose was to stop wearing sweat pants and dressing up a bit even with kids. I started as such but then found myself constantly look for edgier outfits, looks that make heads turn and totaly joy out of taking risks. I also discovered scarves, colored tights and hats (or any combo of) can single handedly take a simple outfit from 'blah' to 'wow'. I used to never have the guts to pull of a look as tonight's in public. But, now I don't even feel uncomfortable. My friends and family are also very used to my unusual outfits. But then again I am always surrounded by people who accept me the way I am in any stage of my life in any style or body shape. And that is the type of people one should be surrounded by.
So tonight the girls had some coupons for Corvette Diner (50's style retro hamburger and milkshake place) for 2 hamburgers for $10! We met at a wine bar across the street first and had $4 a glass happy hour wine. Then walked over to the diner for some crazy ambiance and giant hamburgers. Wasn't crazy about being in a 'kid friendly' restaurant when I am not with the kids but conversation with the girls is rarely around kids so it was refreshing regardless. We all excited about our upcoming girls' trip in 2 weeks! My first girls' trip since having kids!

Here are couple shots in Corvette's Diner


  1. red tights are definitely a challenge! i don't think i could pull them off, but they look awesome here. love the look, and actually like your version better. nice job...and fabulous skirt!!


  2. That diner looks so adorable and fun! The wine bar sounds like a great time too.

    You look incredible in all black with the red tights! Such a perfect outfit for a night out with the girls. I'm so excited for you and your girls' trip! Yay!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. I really need to get out more without my kids.
    Love the red tights. So need to get a pair.

  4. SERIOUSLY, KEEP THE ALDO PAIR AND RETURN THE DANYS!!! I might be biased but the ALDOs look so much nicer and more expensive than the Danys. Besides, we've seen Danys EVERYWHERE in the blogosphere, but the ALDOs? Not many people have them ;) And I love how you styled the shoes with the red tights. What a great contrast! You' look fabulous :D


  5. I loooooove your shoes, this outfit is so stylish !

  6. Awesome! You pulled it off so well. I especially love the shoes--very Miu Miu!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment ! My son is 28 monthes now !

  8. Beautiful look, love the red tights!

  9. So cute - love the red tights!!!

  10. İ love love love this outfit. You did great with white hat and red tights. There is so much me in you which makes me feel incredible;)))

  11. What a cute restaurant! This is such a great outfit - you totally made these tights work! I love how you matched them to your lipstick.

  12. You absolutely did the red tights right! Wish more moms had the confidence to pull out the leather skirt!



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