Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doubling Scarves

Got the inspiration for this outfit from the lovely Diya from 'In Her Stilettos' blog post:

I really tried to pair a complimenting floral and solid scarf like hers and this was the best I can come up with. I found this blue scarf to match the silk one I have owned for years. It doesn't look as nice as I would. If I could have found a gold colored one I think it would have been paired better with the silky print.

You know I am not big on matching but I really liked how this bright blue patent leather purse perked up the outfit.

These earings also go so nice and since my hair was up they showed. They were made by my aunt who is a jeweler. Everytime we go to Turkey in the summer for my birthday she gives me the option of money or a my choice of a jewelry from her box as a gift. I always pick to choose from her on of a kind pieces. I love the sentimental value as well as the items.  The ring is also her creation. My mom purchased the gold and the turquoise and she made the ring. The chain around the stone is her patented design. So this was a joint gift from both.  

Getting so much out of my black platforms. I ordered a pair for summer so hope they look as good. I love the feeling of super high platforms. With their thick heels they feel sturdy and I feel so cool towering over everyone.

Another attempt at an eye make-up tonight. My husband called it intense and everyone noticed. Well that is what happens when you wear no eye make-up majority of the time. When you do have it on everyone notices it. My dad said my eyes looked twice as big. All due to the super easy to use e.l.f. eyeliner in midnight navy.

This lined cotton blazer jacket and the double scarves were perfect for the super chilly night. They kept me warm. Cause lets face it the unlined vintage lace dress (which really is a tunic as my mom keeps pointing out) does not offer much when it comes to warmth.

I put a single coat of blue nail polish right before we left and the photo shoot. My husband snapped this as he never gets this action...  The funky pose was also his idea!

Lace Dress/tunic - vintage
Blazer - Forever 21
silk scarf - from Turkey (Vakko)
cotton scarf - TJ Maxx
Platforms - Newport News Catalog
Jewelry - custom made from Turkey
Purse - Maxx New York

Saturday's Activities: It was my turn to take my daughter to gymnastics today while my husband took my son. After gym we went to lunch but she was alrady falling a sleep, after a little bit of shopping next door which was TJ Maxx we came home for naps. Great finds at TJ Maxx today. Usually I do not have the time or patience to go through the clothes but look at the things that are new and in display up front. Found some amazing tops for under $12. Then I came home and played a crazy game of 'dress up' I put my laptop on the dresser in the bedroom and just started creating one combo after another and jotting them all down right into my list. I kept showing each one to my husband who was first confused and thought the summer short ensemble was for tonight than just thought I was creazy trying on so many clothes. The room looked like tornado had hit despite the fact that I tried to put most of what I tried on back before trying on a new combo. I love the outfits. Such bright color combinations. And just adding hats and scarves and ankle socks made them so trendy. So, can't wait for the new season now. During this frenzy the kids woke up and my mom came to pick them up. We got ready and met the family for dinner at Bucca Di Beppo to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. They sat the 9 of us at a table for 19 so we had a lot of room. A great fun night.

From left to right: My sister-in-law's Dad, my brother, her mother, my sister-in-law, my dad, me, my husband, my sister and my sister's boyfriend:


  1. İ love this double scarf idea and black hose with white dress looks very cool. You know that tunic was your grandmothers right? She was as skinny as you one time! Coming from the generation of matching everything --Love the matching purse to the scarves also

  2. Love this look - the blue is gorgeous on you!!!

  3. I really love this- the double scarf is really fun. I don't think I could do it- too hot! :)
    I'm due April 8th, but I'm hoping for sooner.

  4. i really love the electric blue in the scarf and the blue in your ring! i have a bunch of vintage scarves from my mom...but it's too hot to wear them here!! great family picture.

  5. Those blues are just beautiful! Love how you brought her inspiration to life for yourself!


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