Sunday, April 3, 2011


This was my outfit Saturday night. We decided to wait until late at night when we got to the restaurant to take the photos so they are a bit dark but oh well... 

Piled two types of pearly necklaces on top.

Any reason to wear my purple heels! I love these guys. And remember the purse I used for a diaper bag for a while? I have retired that among my normal purses and the shades of purples and pink was perfect for this outfit. 
My mom found these slacks at the thrift store for $2! They were brand new from Victoria's Secret. They look white but they are the palest of pinks. So pretty and very good quality.

I added the red for interest. So purple, pink and red is the color scheme. Kind of cool.

I also took my faux fur purple jacket with me when it was cold... 

Faux Fur Jacket - Forever 21
Silk blouse - La Redoute Catalog
Pants - Victoria's Secret thrifted
Red patent belt - thrifted
Purple platforms - Steve Madden
Pink silk pearl choker necklace - Forever 21
Pearl and gold multi strand necklace - gift from mom years ago...
Purse - Guess

 SATURDAY'S ACTIVITIES: Saturday was our 6 year wedding anniversary! My parents came to the rescue around 10 AM in the morning and took both kids and their overnight bags and we were freed! Of course we were totally lazy and did absolutely nothing for hours but lounge in our PJs on the couch in front of TV/Laptop. If you have kids you know how precious that activity is. Then after lunch I decided to nap and finally slept. Then realized this was my only opportunity to get my nails done so rushed to the salon and skipped all the massage parts so I can be out of there in 30 minutes. We didn't go to the movie we wanted as a result but ended up seeing the Red Riding Hood and it wasn't bad at all actually. Then we stopped by my brother's so my husband can finally meet our nephew.
After that we headed to the restaurant for a late dinner. It was great to have the entire day to ourselves...

Here is my husband with nephew:



  1. Aww, congratulations on your wedding anniversary!!! And what a cute nephew! Love how you mix colors and how you can make it all work together.

  2. Kirmizi beyaz hos durmus sende Defne... Red and white colors outfit looks good on you hot mama. Good job,,

  3. Awww...congrats! We'll be celebrating our 6 year anniversary in August!

    love the outfit. the red/pinks mixed with the purples is fantastic. really love that belt and those shoes are adorable. can't believe your mom got you those $2 pants! you look fantastic!


  4. great pictures!!xx
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  5. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!!!
    Love your shoes and you look amazing!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Loving the mix of colors!!!

  7. happy anniversary! sounds like a great day (especially the relaxing and doing nothing part!!)

  8. Congratulations for anniversary!
    Your color selection is not "Kind of cool" .... it is SUPER COOL!! unbelievably nice. your shoes are beautiful and they do complement the outfit in a perfect way.
    I did missed links on my post but for #1:
    - (I suggest you contact them and they will give you the name of a local retailer)
    and #4:

    Happy Monday!

  9. wow 6 years! congrats hun, love the purple fur coat you got too!

  10. ooh, girl....faaaabulous outfit. another one of my faves. was gonna say the pants didn't look exactly white. perfect mix of the purples and pinks. congrats on 6 yrs! and the nephew...seems to have tons of hair already...cute!

  11. Beautiful outfit and the purple shoes are really cute especially with red belt! happy Anniversary. Our gift to you was taking the kids for the day and night but it really was a gift for ourselves Because we love having them.We don't remember what we used to do before them no really:)))We are very blessed.


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