Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wild in the Park

This was my outfit for the day. I will be changing into something else tonight and will post that probably tomorrow.  I picked an outfit from the spring list so I can do a floral springy top thinking we were going to the butterfly exhibition and they like to land on floral bright colors. But, turns out the butterflies won't be out till next month. Initially this outfit was with my green capri pants. But for the life of me I could not find them. Nor could I find the bright blue ones either. So now these are the 3rd and 4th items that have mysteriously disappeared from my closet. It is driving me crazy. Who is taking my clothes? Seriuosly...

So, after wasting precious 10 minutes in search of the green pants, I gave up and settled for the grey denim leggings... 

I purchased this blouse from H&M a month ago the night we drove to far away mall with my mom and sister that has the biggest F21 in the city. They also had a large H&M too. Notice my sister had the same blouse in a blue tone colored on Saturday at the Thread show?

This is the new purse from the Thread Show. I was going to wear it folded in a clutch size but this was easier to use fully open like this and still felt very lightweight. Doesn't the color look great though?

Most of the day I had this blue felt floppy hat on. I really like this hat and the way it looked in the mirror but not so sure in these photos...  

I wore these once before. Got these super cool ankle cuff ballet flats on clearence from Nordstrom rack at the end of last summer. Just love them. 

Floral Blouse - H&M
Grey Denim Leggings - Elle (from Kohl's)
Ballet flats - Nordstrom's
Hat - Asos
Purse - Thread Show

Today's Activities: Crazy morning of rushing to get ready and out on time to meet our class at the Wild Animal Park. Actually it is now apparently called the Zoo Safari Park. I always forget this place is farther than I think. Took almost 45 minutes to get there plus then parking and unloading the kids and walking to the gate is another 15 minutes. I was tired by the time we entered the park. How sad is that? Amazingly found and met up with our group though. Unfortunately for my son the lion exhibition was under remodel so we couldn't see his beloved lions. We did go on the tram and saw other animals then walked all around. It is amazing how we felt totally outnumbered by our kids. But there is this mommy code that takes place when we are together like this. It is not about 1 mommy and 2 of her kids. The mentality is there are 4 mommies and 8 kids and we all watch and help out regardless of whose kid it is. No one asks for it and no one offers it, it just gets done and goes very smoothly. By 2 PM we couldn't decide who was more tired us or the kids. We voted on 'us'. Even though it was couple hours past their nap time I put them down anyway when we get home. They crashed hard.
I will be meeting my girls tonight after 3 weeks of not getting together. I am excited. Afterwards I will visit my little nephew.

In the park tram.. Our row and the row behind was our little group that hung out all day... 

Not the best photo but here is an idea of what the park looks like...

The kids running on the pathways. My son leading, my daughter trailing at the end happy to be hanging with the big kids...

Our group after lunch

Here is my monkey man... He climbed on top of this rock thing in the playground and was dancing and singing. He is crazy...


  1. Great pictures ... I am loving your purse and flats, all together, the final look is very modern, relax and Chic.
    Your son looks very cute with his roll up jeans :)


  2. İ love your outfit . the new purse is very cute (gule gule kullan) Wear it with a lot of laughs is the full translation from Turkish. Looks like it was real fun and busy for you. You will crash hard yourself when you manage to hit your bed!!!

  3. love that shirt...so springy and pretty!! That floppy hat looks great on you...so fun

  4. totally love the grey skinnies with this outfit...i love the shoes too! you look great.

  5. cute top and LOVE the bag. yeah, i lose stuff all the time and dunno where it goes! but i think the gray skinnies look good with this. and how fun. i love the wild animal park!

  6. love the bag...but i thought you got the teal one?!! anyways, it's a bit rock and roll and it's perfect with the feminine florals.


  7. lovely outfit ! Your shoes are really really beautiful ! a mix of sweet and rock, I love that !

  8. Love the blouse!!!You look amazing with this blue hat!

  9. What a fun day! I love the colors in your top and the hat is adorable!

  10. I bet you were the chicest mama there! Love that top!

  11. What a fun day at the zoo! I like how you have florals and studs mixed! With taking the floppy hat pics, just tilt your chin up to get some light on your face :-) that's what i do... it looks great though. I want that bag!

  12. cute top, and sounds like a great day at the zoo :)

  13. OMG I was eyeing on that H&M blouse, too! THAT EXACT COLOR! But I walked away from it and now I'm regretting my stupid decision. You styled it well with the grey jeans ;)


  14. Great outfit! Love the ballet flats!



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