Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tones of Brown

This was my outfit yesterday (Friday). It was originally listed as this sweater and pants with my coach penny loafers. Changed it quite a bit when that combo turned out just plain boring... 

I decided to add this new felt hat I got from Asos on clearence for sure. Then the sweater is a bit short so wanted to add something under. Tried on a lace trim tank which didn't really go so this big lace and tulle ham tank was much better with the hat look.  
I love the shiny satin texture of these pants, however they are one of those super boring straight cuts. I like exteremes. Give me either super tight skinnies or wide flare legs. Straight cuts are boring. Decided to cuff them to add interest... 

This huge leather fringe necklace is always great to make a statement and add texture. I also love that it has room on the chain to be worn long like this so I can go around thick turtlenecks.

After trying on so many different pairs of shoes these cream ruffle boots were the winners. Under cuffed pant legs their ruffles show they pull the cream ruffle of the tank underneath.

Sweater - super old (don't even remember)
Pants - Zara (from Turkey)
Lace ham linen tank - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Newport News
Necklace - Bebe
Hat - Asos
Rings - from Turkey and Thread Show

FRIDAY'S ACTIVITIES: We turned my 11 AM Dr appointment into an activity this morning. It was just a follow-up after my hospitilization so knew it wasn't going to be very involved and took the kids with me. My son packed a huge bag of toys and they had fun playing with them in the waiting room. The nurse and the Dr was a bit distracted. I am so used to talking over chaos now that I forget how distracting that could be to normal people.  After the appointment we spotted a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Kids love noodles and my son is crazy about anything different so they loved it. He ordered a shrimp pha (sp?) and fried tofu for my daughter which she called 'french toast'. I have the cutest photo of my son eating noodles but will have to post that later as I didn't download from my other compact camera yet. In the afternoon my parents came over to play with the kids as they take off on a week long cruise starting tomorrow. Had dinner together and nice family time.

Did snap a photo of all of us during my shoot 
My daughter is making a 'fish face'


  1. Someday you should visit Poland :)

  2. Lovely and unique outfit; something you don't see everyday!
    Your boots are awesome and your kiddos are adorable!
    gin @ Life as Topher's Mama

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  4. I love the range of your style. Those boots are gorgeous!

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  6. I just LOVE your blog. It strikes such a cord with my daily life. We think so much alike.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day, I hope you will make it a regular read.

    By the way, Cool boots!

  7. I like how you tied the outfit together from head to toe! a very cool unique look! i want a hat like that for sure now.

  8. Cool outfit. Your accessories are great. I love that black,big, ring.
    Boots are really cute.

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  10. loving the accessories here...the hat was a great buy and that necklace is gorgeous!! the kids love pho?? and tring new things?? that's awesome, lol!!

  11. This look is very sophisticated!!!Love it!


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