Thursday, April 7, 2011

Skater Grunge

This was my outfit yesterday (Wednesday). Can you beleive this outfit was added to my list back in August of last year after seeing this in the sept issue of Elle: 

I had then found this dress at our regular sunday farmers market/bazaar while I was still in Turkey for $20. It was perfect to create the look.  

I wore this during the summer as is. For current weather added a schiffon top under and black tights and boots. Then decided to add the long necklace and the hat (since it was rainning).
Also loving my black blue polish with this outfit too. Got these done on Saturday and still holding up which is amazing. 

My attempts at twirling and catchin up some action shots. Not very good I realize... 

My daughter in her leapord skirt posing next to me... 
I can see now my boots are showing some age and wear. I should try to polish them to see if that helps. That can be a project. My husband will love that. He adores me creating new projects! (sarcasm!)

Hubby's comment on this outfit: 'What are you wearing? Are you betty crocker? This looks more like an apron then a dress'. He might be right. But, I really liked it. 

Dress - from Turkey (Alacati Pazari)
Schiffon top (worn under) - Newport News
Buckle Boots - Steve Madden
Long Necklace - Forever 21
Short choker - hand made by my aunt
Ring - Thread Show
Hat - Thrifted

WEDNESDAY's ACTIVITIES: Preschool in the morning. I am so happy how my son now consistantly participates in all circle times and listens and learns while I occupy my daughter in the back a little to avoid any distraction to him. She does join for any singing and dancing part.
I was feeling so exhausted so napped a little while they napped than got up to get ready. My mom came over and we had to wake up my son to make it to my daughter's Dr appt. She steps inward a little and wanted to have her checked out by an orthopedic Dr. It was a nightmare. They made us wait for 2 hours! The kids were going bonkers. My mom helped so much creating chasing and jumping games to keep them occupied but we felt exhausted at the end. It required her yelling at the office staff as now it was dinner time. Finally they sent a Dr in only to tell us to wait until she was 6 yrs old and that it would probably fix itself. Lovely.
Thank goodness I had leftovers so dinner was a cynch. We ate the other artichoke from the other night. So, happy the kids love it so much. My daughter loves dipping it in the butter sauce like me but my son who is on some sort of a diet for life naturally does not like any sauce and ate it just plain steamed. My husband watched us like we were insane. Afterwards we did a super quick bath marathon so I can leave them with my hubby and go see my nephew. Stayed until close to midnight to help them out a bit so they can rest. I remember the newborn exhaustion and feel for them.


  1. İ love this dress but İ liked Juliet's more!! İ love the color and the flexibility of it as a mom also. Men don't know anything about fashion. The only ones know about it is unfortunately Gay!!!

  2. Who says parents can't have fun dressing up? You are cool! New follower.

  3. I love that dress!! I think it looks more like the smock dresses I used to wear when I was baby tiny. I think it's adorable and probably really comfortable too.

  4. you are such a chic mom, and your children are so cute! I'm soon gonna be a mom too.

  5. i love the outfit. you are such an inspiration keep it up mommy. and thanks also for the comment on my post

  6. Great shades of purple.... Hahaha, doesn't look like an apron but I know how men are some times .... been there :) The socks coming of the boots its such a nice detail, adds a 'fresh' touch to the look. LOVE your daughter's skirt. LOVE IT! she looks so cute and glamorous.

  7. I'm super digging that dark mani of yours and your daughter looks sooooooo cute!

  8. daph, love the plaid dress and your baby is soooooo cute! i wanna pinch her!

    xoxo, ace ♥

  9. Love,love,love this grunge look!!!


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