Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspiration Monday - white and taupe

Another Inspiration Monday Challange outfit today!
This challange is hosted by the lovely ladies of Two Birds blog. They submit the inspiration photo for the upcoming week early on. You can always click on the button on the right side of my blog to check for the upcoming outfit and challange rules.

This week's inspiraton photo was of Kim Kardashian: 

Once again this wasn't so difficult for me. I think I have to admit at this point that I probably do have an above average closet with a lot and a lot of clothes. Which is why I can re-create a lot of outfits I see simply with stuff I already own. I always say, it is the years and years of shopping that is paying off.

So, for this outfit white shorts was no problem. For the top I used this taupe tunic top I had bought last year from F21. It has an attached schiffon vest a detachable rose pin (took that off) and a resin chain link and satin ribbon belt! I tucked in the tank and used the belt on the short's belt loops.

Used my $4 owl charm necklace to create the same look.

Of course it was by no means shorts and tank top weather here today at least not in the morning. So after the photos I had to switch the shorts for white skinny jeans and added a coco shrug for warmth.
Still kept the look I think though. No? 

The contractors are back at my house and they are everywhere, backyard, front yard. And since I was going to change the shorts after the photos I took them upstairs in my hallway off all places!
At least utilized my bench...

Oh, for shoes the taupe/tan wedges were perfect to achieve the look. These if you remember came with a detachable fur trim but for spring/summer they look great without the trim.

Tank top & Skinny white jeans  & owl necklace - Forever 21
Shorts - Target
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Purse - Chloe

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Today's Activities: Back to preschool today after a week off. My son is a solid listener now and slowly my daughter is more and more sitting through circle time.
Oh, but we are still struggling with the paci withdrawal. She is waking up a lot and crying (falling back to sleep) but overall sleeping less which makes her cranky. She was our sleeper and good natured kid too, so hope she goes back to sleeping a lot. At least she understands they are gone and stopped asking for them. Just re-states everytime she goes to bed that the 'mingi's (her word for pacifiers) are gone. Well, actually she says 'Mingi yok!' (in Turkish). Both my kids are bi-langual and I only speak to them in Turkish although my son 95% of the time responds back in English. My daughter can carry both with no problem.
Anyway, still having car issues after 3 days and thousands of dollars of repair. I am so frustrated. Had to stop to see why the 'check engine' light was coming on and now they need to install a new sensor. They won't charge me for it but I still have to take it there and wait which is not an easy thing with two kids.
In the afternoon we'll be going to the indoor play area.

Once again the kids wanted to pose with me... First my daughter (in her new minnie top from Target) 

They both of them. Notice my son's new long denim skull frayed shorts from Sears... 


  1. love it! love it! i love both outfits...they both look great, although you can rock white pants and shorts with no effort! love the booties, too!

  2. I love this look on you! Both versions! ;)

  3. I think you are the closest I saw to the inspiration yet! Shorts and sleeveless are something most others (including myself ^^) did not manage :-) Well done!

    Relatable Style

  4. Great look! Love the pics with the kids - you look so happy!

  5. You look great honey! Kori xoxo

  6. Love, love, love it with the white pants - so chic!

  7. You look great and really worked this outfit out!!! I love both versions and man do you look great in shorts....Lucky woman! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. love your take on this... especially with the shorts and the booties :)

  9. fabulous mom..!! :D
    you have cute daughter and son,btw :)

    follow my blog if you're free

  10. I like that you showed both a warm weather and a cold weather version. They both look great!

  11. every monday i think about why i kick myself for not participating in this after reading your blog :)

    you look great. you're so good at making these looks your own.

    your kids are so cute! how great that they speak turkish too!

  12. yine çok cool bir kombin olmuş tatlım, beğendim... bize de artık yaz gelsin de bizde şortlarımızı giyelim :)

  13. The look is great with both pants, but shorts are better!!!

  14. great outfit, both shorts and pants! And your kids are really cute! Your boots are so chic, I love it.


  15. Your outfit is great! Boots are too cute! When I finally get around to loosing 10 lbs I'll wear white pants too!

  16. Your look is dead on. The vest mimics Kim's top perfectly. This outfit looks great on you. I think it's pretty cool that you are raising your kids bilingual.

  17. I love this look and will be using it to inspire a look for myself:) I really like the first look a lot but the second look is my favorite. I think it is easier to pull off white shorts but white pants are tricky and you did it effortlessly:)



  18. Bayılıyorum bu inspiration postlarına. Aynısı hatta belki daha iyisi oluyor hep.

    Bu arada çocukların çok çok tatlılar, maşallah. Yerim onları, elime geçirsem..

    Teşekkürler güzel yorumun için.

  19. Love the combination of taupe and white and those boots with your legs looks great of course. The kids new outfits are adorable although not as adorable as them:) they should have their own blog!

  20. THIS IS A 'STYLE TO STEAL' once more: I like it more on you than on Kim.
    its just great, casual, Chic and looks super comfortable.
    Loving it!!
    have a great day.

  21. I realy liked both of them but with the trousers one is my best :)
    I wanna say that actually your photos realy better than Kim altough you are not outside ;)
    Love your kids look forward to see their following photos :)

  22. Wow girl - GREAT interpretation - spot on!!
    Those shoes...ah! fabulous!!
    The kiddo's are sooo cute. Funny story, chances are - I had something to do with your son's shorts, I work in sourcing for Sears :) They look adorable!

  23. thank you so much
    amazing outfits!

  24. Whoa, whoa WHOAAAAA! HOT MOM ALERT!! You really pulled out the stops. I even like this more than Kim's!!

    I think it's so great (and important!) that your kids are bilingual. It can be a real struggle to learn languages later especially if you don't have a natural talent for it, plus they'll be able to pick up other ones easier later...OK that wasn't even English, haha.

  25. This look looks amazing on you!!!

  26. You nailed this look! Sadly I didn't have time or the right things to wear this week, but I'll be back next week!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  27. Wow lady...Can I borrow your tan? : )

  28. The taupe and white go well together. Actually I like your version more than Kim K. I guess it is all the layering.

  29. çocukların çok tatlılar, bayıldım onlara.
    ayrıca blogunu da çok beğendim :)


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