Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ugg Fashion?

So, the reason for the weird pose is my attempt at imitating the inspiration photo below. But for some reason my mouth or my hair makes my face look all skewed. Did not realize that when I viewed the photo in the lense. Oh well...

This was an 'ugg' ad in a magazine: 

Why did I pick it? Cause any idea where I can create fashion around uggs is a winner in my book. Uggs have got to be the ugliest but also the most comfortable shoes on earth. They feel like slippsers you get to walk on the street with. And this model I have on is a tighter one with a zipper closure so they stay put better than the classic model. 

It is an odd combination since the top is all summery but yet you have uggs on your feet. The good thing is it works for me cause my feet are always cold. I did pack flip flops in my diaper bag today just in case but never felt too hot to do the switch.

I have (for some odd reason) 3 shrugs in this style! This is gold mettalic, I also have teal metallic one and a super colorful crochet floral one. Initially I was going to wear the crochet pair but felt too colorful. This gold one captures the inspiration look perfectly complimenting the cognac boots.

I added these beaded gold thin long necklaces which went great. I did take out the longer one cause it always breaks into pieces. And it is guess but the loops are too loose or something.

Since I am indoor bound with the contractors outside, I decided to try something new and use my stair case as a backdrop. Not the easiest with a tripod. Might try it again if I can ever have my husband take the photos next time...

Do you know that when we first bought our house these stairs were covered in white carpet but in a horrible manner where they folded the carpet around the steps and stapled it. The banister was cream painted wood. We got some astronomical quotes to achieve this look which we could not afford. So, we cut out the thin wood pieces of the rail but kept the frame and posts. Then stripped the paint by rough sanding it. Painted it a coat of metallic bronze then a brownish glaze finish on top with a brush and wipe technique to give it this stained wood look. Then I put I kid you not 4 coats of clear high gloss glaze on top. My step dad used construction paper to cut out the pattern within the frame and we took it to Mexico (you know SD is on the border and it takes 20 minutes to enter Mexico) and got these wrought iron panels made for fraction of the cost. I hand drew this scrolly design and with no Spanish they got what I was talking about. The panels had holes where my step dad used to nail it to the frame. 
We got the tiling idea from a visit to Santa Barbara. Bought the tiles again from Mexico and had these great Polish tilers lay it out. I have to do a photo of the steps so you can see the tiles on the risers too. A lot of work but totally looks like what we wanted it to look!
And I hand stained everything you see that is wood around this area, the bathroom door, the base boards everything. I think I was stainning for an entire month! 
Shrug - Forever 21
Tee - Express (from a bazaar in Turkey for $1)
Cargo Pants - J Crew
Winter Boots - Ugg
Necklaces - Guess and from a trip to somewhere?

Today's Activities: Did the outdoor class today and once again the kids played their hearts out for 3.5 hours at the park. It was warm and sunny too which was nice.
After naps my mom and step dad came over to take the kids so I can go to my Dr's appt.
We had dinner together at our house while my husband worked late.

I am sure some of you have noticed the Cure Preeclampsia button on the top right side of my blog!
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  1. OMG! i just discovered ur blog!!! and i love the idea of making ur outfit the same as a celebrity :) very genius!! :) my sister just got a baby... and she is the our sunshine :) love the fact that u keep ur style even u r a mom ... my sister is in pajamas all day long hahahahah :)


  2. i love that you styled your outfit around uggs! they are the ugliest shoes (up there with crocs) but everyone has them (including me). you did a great job and i love the look.


  3. Good job !! You realy imitate very well.
    Waiting for the others ;)

  4. this is cool. i love my emus and wish i could wear them to work! i usually end up wearing them around the yard on chilly mornings! love how you got that staircase done. it's insane the prices they wanna charge us!


  5. Great post. I love the outfit :). If you like my blog, you follow me.
    I'll follow you too :D.
    Alla moda e con stile

  6. waoww really great outfit and sooo lovely blog :))i'll follow from now on:)kisses from izmir:)

  7. pantolonunu çok sevdim,harika görünüyorsun.
    I love your pant,you are looking great :)

  8. OK, you have an incredible house!

  9. I actually like the UGGs they don't look that ugly ... anymore :) I guess I've seen so many 'hot girls' wearing them, from Alessandra Ambrosio to Nicole Kidman that somehow I associate them to 'beauty', I like them and they look really cool on your outfit.
    Your stairs are beautiful.... I guess all your work was paid, that is gratifying but, God! you must have had lots of Patience!


  10. Your house is beautiful! Love to find other fashion loving mommies!


  11. Cute! I love how you matched the shrug to the boots!

  12. I love the mixed neutrals on you! This is a really great outfit (although I have to admit, I'm still not a fan of uggs!).

    The work you did on the stairs is beautiful!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  13. I have to say that i think this is one of my fave outfits of yours because I am an Ugg lover! (Maybe its a mom thing)And i think you matched your inspiration photo fantastically! cute and comfortable looking! awesome!

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