Wednesday, April 27, 2011

White Maxi

Starting to wear some of my 'transition' outfits which are great combos that allow for cold to warmer weather. They have a second layer for the chilly mornings and afternoons and a much much lighter layer underneath for the summer like warmth during midday.

My inspiration cam from the following promotional page in In Style Magazine: 

I could have worn my trench too but the utility shirt that acts like a jacket was more practical. 
The outside shots had some weird shadows going so moved it inside... 

I wish I had a pink floral scarf (will search for one now) but in its absence I used my very pastel floral scarf instead.
My rugged looking (but totally bought this year) boots were perfect under the girly maxi dress... 

Added the mother of pearl bangles I had bought at a bazaar in Turkey and my real mother of pearl and silver square ring which was a perfect match which normally I wouldn't like but today I did. 

This dress was such a great buy last year in Turkey for $20 from a street vendor (in Alsancak) for $24!
I see now Forever 21 brought a few similar styles you can check out...

Crochet Dress (right) and Eyelet Dress (left)

I must say I still like my dress better though cause it uses ton and ton of material which makes it so easy to move in with kids. It is fully lined. And the crochet details are very pretty. The key thing is knowing how to dry it after washing it though. You have to twist and twist and let dry in that fashion to maintain that crinkled look. 
Maxi Dress, bangles and ring - from Turkey
Utility shirt - Gap
Scarf - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Preschool in the morning. Recently my little girl has started sitting through the morning circle time which makes me so happy. The contend is quite above her age level (where they do alphabet, weather, days of the week and months of the year) but she still hangs through. There have been couple older girls (5-6 yrs) that have taken an interest in her and their friendship I think what keeps here there.
The construction in my backyard by the way is going full force. Just nothing photo worthy since irrigation, drainage pipes and de-weeding are not that all that exciting.  The construction talks are causing me to be late every morning but that is just the way it goes. Very soon we'll have to decide on our pool re-surface color and our concerete color.
We went to the indoor play area after naps where my son did the fun 'super hero trainning' acticity in their gymnastics area. My daughter was not happy about being left behind but my mom showed up just in time to disract and play with her.

Oh, couldn't help but share the outcome of the ceramic painting mommy's night out event I had last week with the preschool mommies. I chose a tissue box cover so it would be something I would use. Putting this on the entry table right by our door.
I did two sides with a leaf design and the other two in red and yellow scrolly design.

These are stamp designs. Of course after I had already painted the whole thing 3 coats of this dark blue did I find out light colors will now show over the dark color. So, I had to do a stamp then with a toothpick scrape off the blue paint then paint it with the light color. In the end it came out cool but just was more steps than I anticipated. 

When they announced we had 10 minutes to finish our project I was still painting. So the writing on top was written super fast and it shows. I wrote all the family member names with a dot in between. Not very legible for sure... 


  1. hey i really like your dress. İt can be wore diverse materials and jackets.

  2. another win! great inspiration match! I love that the dress is from Turkey too! those travel treasure will always be special!

  3. i love this look! the masculine and feminine pieces pair very well together!

  4. I love the skirt together with the boots, It wouldn't have been as pretty as it is with any other shoes, that was the PERFECT match!.... I love the way it looks.
    Hope you are done with construction soon.
    I had my place go thru a minor remodeling about a year ago and I couldn't wait for it to be done.

  5. elbise çok güzelmiş bende istiyorum en kısa zamnda böyle bir elbise

  6. Cool white dress :DD I need to get my hand on one :DD xxx

  7. you know i love this dress! i love the v-neck of this one and the bodice part is so pretty. it's amazing the street deals you can find. they charge an arm and a leg in stores!

  8. Daphne! Too funny! I don't meet too many Daphne's:)

    Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet ya!


  9. Love that dress! Just got a white maxi myself!!

  10. love the tissue boxes! so beautiful. and great outfit. it inspires me to try something similar. i love how you paired it with those combat boots!

  11. i like that you paired this with those boots. it's nice contrast of sweet and edgy...

  12. Lovely dress on you...great paired with the distressed boots. Dawn Suitcase Vinettes xoxo

  13. merhabalarrr:) öncelikle güzel yorumunuz ve izmirli oluşunuz beni çok mutlu etti. izmirin insanı bana bir başka geliyor; daha sıcak, daha renkli, eğlenceli... bu arada çocuklarınız çok güzeller, özenle yaratılmış gibi:) sizi merakla izliyorum bundan sonra. izmirden kucak dolusu sevgilerrrr<3

  14. I love that you paired the white dress with those heavy, black boots. Really cute!

  15. Great idea pairing the white airy dress with the tough boots...great look!!
    Love the kleenex boxes!!

  16. çok güzel, country chic !

  17. I love this bohemian touch, so trendy ! And you bracelet is beautiful !


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