Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Challenging Skirt

Wore this Saturday as we headed to visit my in-laws north of LA.

I have tried so hard to find the right combination for this skirt and I feel even though this outfit is OK it is still not a winner. It is like the red tights (which I finally did get it right), this skirt has been such a challange for me. I am too lazy to get it altered first of all so I simply use a safety pin to make it fit.

You can see close-up it is a pretty skirt but just never looked right with any top. Here I was going for mixing print and stripes. The tops's colors go pretty well with black and grey... 

My husband continued to shoot as I was changing posing spots...
These are the new earings from F21. Aren't the mint green/blueish earings pretty? 

My only pop color here was the pink watch.  

Top - H&M
Tank - Delia's
Skirt - Anthropologie
Earings - Forever 21
Watch - from Mom
Ankle cuff ballet flats - BP Nordstroms

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Inspiration Monday oufit for this monday if you want to participate...

Today's Activities: Tough to wake up this morning after a late night of  Royal Wedding watching with my mom. After breakfast my husband took the kids out while I got the hosue ready and packed our bags. We met up so I could take my daughter to her gym class. Her strength is just amazing me. I think she might have stronger bicep and tricep muscles than me. She is getting so good and loving every minute of her gym class. We fed the kids lunch and got ourselves take out and got the on the road towards Los Angeles. Hit major traffic and the trip was very long. My son took a nice nap but my daughter slept very little which was unusual. We finally arrived at my in-laws house which is north of LA. Kids were happy to be out of the car and went nuts playing in their backyard. We spent the afternoon home and had a nice dinner with them.

My son having fun tackling mommy during the very very short and quick photo shoot... 

My Father-in-law caught such a great photo of my daughter waving to us from the other side of the yard... 

Hubby throwing my son up in the air... 

Playing 'mulbery bush' dance with Grammie and Grandpa... 


  1. Looks like you all had a fun day together! I really like that skirt and I am sure you will figure out more to do with it!

  2. you look lovely. and your kids are soo cute, you look so happy together :)

  3. It's a very pretty skirt but, with that bold stripe, I can see the challenge in styling it with other items. Please don't give up on it! With the right partners, it would be the basis of a terrific outfit.

  4. Cute skirt! How about going super casual with it? Basic white t, metalic sandals, long necklace and maybe a pop of color with a clutch or something...just throwing a suggestion out there ; )

  5. That Skirt is BEAUTIFUL!
    I love the way it looks with those flats.
    The pictures of your kids are amazing, they are catching so much emotion, that is fun to look at them.
    what a nice sunny day.

  6. I adore that skirt! What about keeping it simple with just a white tee and then lots of accessories - sort of Kate Spade style? Keep trying - it looks great on you!


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