Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

This type of an outfit would not have been my first choice for Easter but it was a chilly day today so I had to pick something that was layered and honestly I just wanted an outfit where I would wear these shoes!

The inspiration came from the spring J Crew catalog photo below: 

I actually own a blush cardigan but I do not own a blue and white striped tie or scarf. And I really wanted to apply all the colors here: yellow, khaki, blush/coral and light blue. Hence, since my striped cardi was coral and cream I decided to wear an old pastel blue cardigan.

This scarf is very silky soft but quite large in size. So no way was I going to be able to tie it to the belt like in the inspiration photo. So I decided to wear it around my neck but in a very very loose and low style.
The cardigan has this super cute blck kitty on one side but that does not go with the outfit so safety pinned it open to hide the design.
They yellow tank is a babydoll style but tucked in gives the look I was looking for... 

This charm bracelet is very old which you can tell from the way it is showing tarnish but the colors worked great with the outfit... 

And these are one of the most precious pair of shoes I own. I absolutely love them and I think they look adorable on as well as on their own. They are quite high but also pretty sturdy and comfy (you know as comfy as platform wedges can get)...
They were bought on clearance about 6 years go and platforms, or wedges or cork heels were not in style then not that I cared as they were so pretty. But now they are also very in style! 

All photos taken in my mom and step dad's backyard by my baby sister...

Blue Cardi - Lucky
Yellow Tank - Victoria's Secret
Khaki Skirt - Bebe
Scarf and Belt - Forever 21
Wedges - Betsey Johnson
Charm Bracelet - Guess

Today's Activities: My mom was hosting Easter gathering in the afternoon today so we were open in the morning. My husband plays tennis sunday mornings so I decided to take the kids to the movie we have been waiting for that came to the theaters couple days ago. "African Cats" by DisneyNature. It was amazing. They must have followed this lion pride and the cheetah family for at least a year to get the whole story. I have personally done safari in Kenya, Africa and had seen a lot of  what the movie showed in real life but would have never known the story behind the prides we have come across. These were just such heart warming stories. My son has been obsessed with Lions for years now as a result of Lion King. He adored watching real lions in action with their roar making them scared in the theater surround sound. I was worried about my 2 yr old sitting through but she did great. Of course she did not use her inside voice but I don't think the 3 other people in the theater cared when she yelled 'baby cheetah' or 'baby elephant'. After the movie we had lunch and since our favorite gyro place was closed we had Japanase. Well, My son and I shared an eel bowl I should say where my daughter only nibbled on the shrimp tempura.

After naps we got the whole family dressed and headed to my mom's. My Dad, brother, SIL, their baby, SIL's mother, my cousin's cousin, my sister and her boyfriend and our friends with their kids were all there. Everyone brought side dishes while my mom and step dad cooked a great meal and set a beautiful table outside and created a fun egg hunt for the kids. We also celebrated a b-day too. We all had a great time even though the kids were on a sugar high and a bit out of control at the end.

Here are the kids eating their treats... 

Hope you all had a great Easter!


  1. it's an elegant look, love your colour comb and I also adore your wedges! so so so fresh! :)
    your legs look so thin here.. have you lost weight or were they always so thin?? :/

  2. You look so stylish and your wedges look realy pretty, I liked their color too much.

    The kids look so so cute and I liked their colorful outfits also :))

    and what a lovely family photo is this, realy magnificent.

    It' s obvious that you had a very lovely day :))

  3. You and the whole family look beautiful! I love the pastel palette you used. Super cute! All works together perfectly.

  4. Very cute outfit, perfect for Spring. And I agree about the wedges: they're beautiful!

  5. I love the inspiration and how you made it work! Very nice! Those colors are perfect for Easter & spring, sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  6. Happy Easter!!!

  7. Happy Easter! Those are great pictures. I loved the peek of the gorgeous table setting behind you in one picture. It was a chilly day around here. We ate in Carlsbad and got rained on right before the meal. Brrr!

  8. I love your outfit. So colorful and eastery. You look great in pastels :) My baby was sick, so we spent Easter on the couch :(

  9. You look great, I love the spring soft colors, perfect for Easter!
    I've always admire the fantastic way in which you recreate the outfits and make them look even better.
    Those sandals are my favorites.

  10. çok güzel bir kombin olmuş, renkler bir birinde çok uyumlu, ayakkabılarını da çok beğendim, rengi harika.

  11. Holy cow that first shot is ridiculously gorgeous! I'm loving those Easter perfect colors together!

  12. i love all the pastels and easter colors + stripes! sounds like a really nice day with family. my niece saw african cats, too. we have yet to see it. i remember (was is last year?) there was another earth day movie out?? still want to see that one, too!

  13. Lovelly family :) You have got grat children :D Clothes.. you look very nice, in your outfit I feel spring :)

  14. love your outfit...all the spring colors and that bracelet! your family is adorable.

  15. So, so pretty! I'm pretty much in love with this outfit! Your hair looks gorgeous too!

  16. I love your blog and your outfit, color matching is really nice,my favourite item is the charm:)

    modacı bir anne ve bir blogger oarak blogunu cok beğendim, çocukların cok tatlı:))

  17. Great Look! I am very surprised how all the pastels worked so well together without making you look like an easter egg yourself. Good Job!

  18. Love this outfit, especially the shoes! :)

  19. İt was a beautiful Easter outfit and love those shoes. İ am planning to borrow them some time:) The kids outfits were so darling also. The family picture came out really good . İf only it could have been sunny and warmer it would be a perfect day. Still was a perfect day bec. we were all together happy healthy and in harmony!!

  20. You look gorgeous! I love the variety of photos you got!

  21. How adorable are you! I just read through a few of your blogposts and pics...LOVE how you take from the inspiration photos..I think I liked your outfit better than Kim

    Very fashionable mommy:) You have a new follower.
    Be back soon.


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