Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conscious Collection

Finally getting around to my post about H&M's Conscious Collection that was released to stores on Thursday, April 14th.
To read more about what this stands for read the info on their link...

At first I was all excited about almost all of them. But when it came to actually trying them and decision to purchase it is amazing how much your views change...

Here are the dresses I tried on where they had at least close to my size:
So I feel all the dresses run a bit large in size. I tried them in my usual size and felt they were too loose and they didn't have the one size down to confirm the fit. :(

This is priced at $60.
It is very delicate looking. I loved the tulle skirt and the top. But first off it was a bit loose and second I just didn't see that many styling options.

This one is listed as $40 but I could swear in the store the tag read $60 but I could have been wrong. It would be a great price at $40.

This one I really liked. It is crisp whate.  And hangs very nicely and keeps that full shape. However, I needed a size smaller and they didn't have it. And the back was totally open so I wasn't sure how I would conceal my bra. Still if it fit I would have seriously considered it.

This is also priced at $60.
I absolutely loved this one. My favorite for sure.
It felt lux. The color is just that perfect tan blush color.
I could wear it as is with some flat sandals (although it was too long on me to wear with flats, I am 5'5"). I could also style this a few different ways using it as a skirt. I would have gottan this for sure if it only fit. But again I needed a size smaller and wasn't going to shell out $60 for a dress that would need to be altered.
I was very disappointed.

Here are a few other dresses that looked interesting but I not for me. Either cause it would be too dressy or not very flattering...
Cheapest one at $20. But I just found it a bit too baggy and shapeless. And even with a belt I wasn't sure. I will probably regret not trying...

very pretty but too dressy...

would be a great if I had an event to wear it to.

I also tried on this blazer and loved it. I just didn't get it cause I am already barrowing two different kinds of white blazers from my mom... This also came in a tan color as well as dusty pink which I almost got bit did not. Priced at $50. And for the jacket I would have actually gone up a size so I had ease of movement.

To see the full collection go to this link. Prices are on page 7. Or this link...

At the end I realize I did not buy anything from this collection! I did buy these though:

These shorts are to die for. They are high waist and totally thick and tailored with a built in gold buckle belt. They look absolutely designer quality and very retro. I have indicated before my waist is not my favorite feature which is why I do not like high waist styles but I couldn't pass up on this one. I did go up 2 sizes though so I could breath.

So, I tried on this top just for fun. Had no intention of buying it. But as I tried on different bottoms with it and ended up liking everything I realized it was due to the fact that I had liked the top so much. It is amazingly delicate and beautiful. The color is the palest pinks. Just georgous.

Oh, so wait. These shoes are from the concsious collection! Although they were not listed in the website as such. They were $18. Made out of fabric though so I don't imagine them lasting long but they are the perfect silky pink flower sandals I were looking for at a price I couldn't pass. The size runs big though I went 1 full size down and I very rarely deviate from my own shoe size.

I will definitley pair the pink top with the shorts: The top is crop and the shorts are HW so perfect combo... 

I bought the blush colored sunglasses from Forever 21. This whole combo would be wearable during the day. For night I would add my nude patent leather heels and a structured white blazer jacket... 

Also bought this triple layered brown leather and gold necklace: 

And this rust colored v-neck sweater. I had been lusting over J Crew's rust colored one for a while and this was much more affordable:


  1. Nice collection, I will choose some things :D

  2. OMG all your finds are great!! the dresses beautiful but your purchases are BETTER! I love your color selection, the top is the most romantic, adorable thing ever and the flats are my new crush.... wow, you did a great selection.

  3. Great blog honey check mine go see and let me know what you think xoxo

  4. That blush colored maxi dress is gorgeous! And I love the outfit you put together with the white shorts.

    I tagged you in a Things I Love post, if you feel like participating!

  5. GREAT COLORS! I love blush and white. Such a cool collection. I'm LOVING that white blazer (really need one!!!) and that long maxi that you liked too. So lovely. I think I'm gonna have to get me some more maxis cuz they're great with the kids but also look so cute.

    As for all my pics of the girls, I actually picked my 10 things I love based on the pics I had. Worked out well :) I guess I take a lot of pics of the girls!

    Claire @

  6. Love your reviews but FANTASTIC buys!!! Especially those pale flats are to kill for!

  7. Great finds, love what you purchased (those shoes are adorable)! I'm really loving some of the items from the collection, unfortunately there isn't an H&M around here - boo!

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