Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better - Neon plus Neutral Event

This is my 
 Neon + Neutral 
outfit post for the 
 Bloggers Do It Better 
challenge hosted by 

 I was just commenting on Katy's blog that I too had a difficulty creating this look. I own 2 neon pieces. One is this tank I acquired from F21 a few months ago and a super cute ruffle mini that is coral neon. However, all the outfits ideas with these pieces were not neutral. A lot of blacks or darker colors like army green or cobalt blue or teal green etc... So came up with this last minute last night...

Added the straw fedora hat for fun and actual sun protection today. The trim colors complimented the outfit by adding some dashes of color...
These pink hair clips came in the mail yesterday from my Amazon order. They are so much fun. Also notice my pink lipstick. This is a covergirl and I have to go back and buy more shades cause it is very creamy and it truly does last for hours even after eating and drinking and lots of pink kiss marks on the kids cheeks!

 These key charms were so cute at F21 so couldn't resist. The dual one with the neon pink I thought would be perfect to add a touch of neon to other outfits...
Although I have to admit every time I picked up my daughter the keys would snag in her hair. Minor issue...

The long wrap around cardigan is from Ruche. It is silky smooth and very easy to wear...

Neon Tank, Khaki Capri's, Necklaces, Hat - Forever 21
Cardigan - Ruche
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Hair Clips - Amazon

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Today's Activities: This morning was so much fun. Like I explained yesterday the new summer schedule for our co-op preschool is two days of outdoor classes where the parks will vary every week. It is a great way to get to know this amazing city better and made me once again thank my lucky stars for being able to raise my kids in such a city.
We gathered at a public playground/park that had very cool play structures but also a very nice water play area that came on at 10 AM. And since this park is deep inland the weather was nice and warm for kids to enjoy the play in cold water.
Ironic that we live on the coast, 5 minutes to the beach but to enjoy Summer we have to drive 35 minutes inland!
Went fully prepared of course with covered in sunscreen head to toe, swim suits, hats, sunglasses and water shoes and towels.
I am also now carrying a folding porter potty that uses plain grocery bags everywhere with us. That way I can have my daughter sit frequently and avoid accidents. Quite practical.
Always have to pack double the food for these outdoor classes cause the kids eat twice as much. Lets see, my son for example ate a full PB&J sandwich, a full sliced apple, a mini bag of fish crackers mixed with raisins, a small cup of pirate booty, a bowl of cut up pineapple chunks, cubed whole peach and a bag of mini kosher dill pickles! They are crazy. And this sounds all very healthy but trust me it is just very normal here in my circles. You will not find a single mommy who has cookies, or chips or ultra salty crackers or hamburgers in their lunchboxes. Every mommy packs the most amazing and healthy snacks and lunches for their kids. Like pasta salads with veggies, turkey sandwiches, home made soups (in thermos), cherry tomatoes, cut up cucumbers, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, hummus and pita bread, cheese sticks, yogurts and lots and lots of fruit. We love to get ideas from each other and kids love to pick on each other's food which we allow since everyone's is very good. I am so lucky to have this great network of mommy's. It is really what keeps me sane!

Here is the photo of the water feature area.... 
For those of you who live here this is the 'Hilton Head Park' in El Cajon!

Amazing how 5 sprinklers can create so much entertainment!

Boys loved this to target unexpecting kids standing in their path!

My son loved the arch that had water streamers. He said 'it is like rain coming down'...

Touching the sensors that keep the water flowing...

Posing with my little 'Abby Caddaby'....


  1. That splash pad looks SO fun! We have a few but none that are really close to us for us to go frequently. It sounds like a great day!!!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Looks like a fun day! Great look!

  3. I love wrap around cardigans and sweaters!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  4. That necklace is so cute! And I like those hair clips...are they feathers? (Sorry, reading this on my phone, so pics are small and some of the words are covered by sidebar logos.) So fabulous when other families are great influences. Would be terrible to pack all these healthy things only for them to want some other kid's chips or something.

    I used photoshop to add those numbers to my photos. Do you have that program? You might also be able to do it in word. If you need help, you can email me your pics and I can throw the #'s on :)

  5. Like this outfit, the neutrals work so well with the neon yellow. and you are super organized! The only thing i use a spreadsheet for is my training logs (runner) so that I can stay on top of replacing my shoes! and even then I slack off. lol.

    your kids are adorable :)

    ~Em K

  6. Can I just say how obsessed I am over those sandals and the yellow top!! Yellow being my fave color by the way! Absolutely fabulous!!


  7. Looks like a fun day and the perfect outfit to match! :)

  8. what a fun park! we have a similar one nearby that the kids love to go to. the fountains shoot all over the place. i wish my kids would eat healthier. my 3yo used to when she was younger but now all she wants is mac n' cheese, "the orange" kind and not my yummy homemade one. it's so sad.

    i love your bright yellow shirt and it looks great with the lipstick!

  9. Wow, this outfit looks very crisp and shiny yet casual ans chic. İ love the flying picture of the cardigan:) The water park looks so much fun great activity for them. Good thing we had all summer sun and sea in Turkey hopefully it will be sunny here this summer. Love the hair clips , İ use mine often too!

  10. I love it! It's an adorable, yet chic look with the hat & lip colour! Nice work! :)


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