Friday, June 17, 2011

Florals and Stripes and a diaper bag

The weather here is getting on my nerves at this point. Normal days I can deal with but lots of plans this weekend and I really wanted to break into some short/dress outfits but the forecast is showing low 60s. Sucks.

So today's outfit inspiration came from the following Anthropologie catalog photo:
Well, I don't own a striped skirt but I do own this striped maxi dress which I bought months and months ago from Marshalls but never worn it yet.

I liked the idea of mixing a silky floral blouse with striped maxi. My colors a bit different but I think they work.  Recognize the tucker Target blouse that a lot of bloggers seem to own?

Added a silver necklace since the belt buckle is silver. This double finger ring is from my mom. She actually bought it for my sister but it was too big for her so I got it! The dark gem earrings are my Aunt's creations...

I tried on a few different shoes under this outfit. And amazingly none of the high heeled platforms worked. I liked how these ankle cuff sandals looked and I didn't even have to change shoes from shoot to real life!

Since this is a dress and not a skirt I couldn't tuck in the blouse. But I did belt it on top at waist and opened a few buttons so you can see the top part of the dress too...

Dress - Marshalls
Blouse - Target
Belt and Necklace - Forever 21
Sandals - Boutique 9 (from zappos)

So Becks who is one hot mommy @ Oomph has tagged me to share the contents of my bag. You can check out what is in her Sonia Rykiel Lauren tote HERE...
AND she even helped me number the items in my photo since I don't own photo shop. How nice is she?
WARNING: You know I am a SAHM so I don't really have a 'purse' per se. What I have is a diaper bag and an over the shoulder wallet bag. So, it is not going to be that exciting...

So, here is the 'Diaper Bag'

Kathy Van Zeeland

First I always have a hair clip attached to the handle. My hair is long and I get flustered at times with the kids so need a clip on hand to pull up all my hair in a bun.

I also have an attached mini anti bacterial (aka germ juice as kids call it) on the handle...
They sell these at bath and body. Best invention ever!

These are the items in the inside pocket:
1. Comb, pens, nail file
2. A straw (you know in case the kids loose the straw of their milk or juice box) & Tissues
3. Emergency Money
4. lip balm
5. gum
6. random bracelet of my daughter
7. A zip lock bag of emergency medication like kid tylenol, ab ointment and advil for me.
8. CARs passports they gave us at disney store
9. more pens
10. Another advil
11. notepad with a pen

41. Folding toilet seat for kids (this comes in handy when the toilets are too dirty or too big)
42. Wipes of course!
43. A bag of extra underwear and bottoms (for the girl in potty training)
44. Extra pairs of socks for all 3 of us in case we go to the indoor play area and not wearing any.
45. A huge bundle of grocery bags (to carry all the soiled clothes as result of potty accidents)

24. His and hers hats
25. His and hers sunglasses (hers Ariel, his Cars) we also carry a pair for both in the car too...
26. My sunglasses

27 & 28. Random toys for unexpected waits, delays or restaurants
29. Napkins
30. A bag of plastic utensils. Sometimes I forget them when I pack lunch.
31. Emergency snack: raisins
32. More bags
33. First aid stuff like bandaids and AB spray
34. My son's wallet
35. Face and body sunblock

36. Sunblock for me
37. A bigger tube of AB.
38. Kids water bottle. It gets too heavy to carry 2 so I let them share and we take turns using his or hers.
39. Hand wipes
40. Tissues

My purse wallet is from H&M currently. I own 3 though and change according to season...

Inside this bag are all more valuables and I never take off the bag unless I am at someone's home...

12. Tissues (yes I carry a lot but we got through a lot)
13.   Blackberry
14. My credit cards and driver's licence. Found this in Turkey and my step dad bought it as a present.
15. Money
16. Flash drive (so I can swap photos with my Dad or friends easily)
17. Gum
18. This cute little owl pouch is where I put the recent receipts. I file them weekly.
19. This black pouch is for store coupons or gift certificates
20. My portable camera. I always have it on me which is why I can take so many photos of the kids. My husband bought this couple years ago and got it engraved. It reads 'one hot mommy' and has my name.
21. change
22. pen
23. blog cards

What is in YOUR bag?
Aysun @ Aysstyle


  1. seriously love this combo. it's not something i would've thought of but it looks great together! very unexpected. i actually have that same tucker piece but in the dress version that i got for $10 the first time they came out. love it! i might have to try pairing it with stripes!

  2. lol, that's a lot of stuff! love your take on the mixed prints trend. reminds me of stella mcartney's ss2011. you look great :)

  3. Neat blog! We need more mommy fashion bloggers out there!


  4. great necklace, and i love the mix here...the rich colors are nice against each other. you should do extreme stripes with me! a few months ago i would have been sharing the contents of my diaper bag...but now i'm able to get away with a pull-up and hand wipes and a change of clothes, which i keep in the car. we will have to exchange blog cards!

  5. Creative people run in the family. I like the earrings your Aunt just made and you are lucky to got the ring.
    I like how you paired the maxi dress with gladiator sandals. Do you know that I almost got that dress at Marshalls.
    I know what you mean, it's hard for us moms to wear high heel shoes when we have this little tot running around. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing and for tagging me ''what's in your bag''. I will do a post.

    Have a great weekend, Mommy!

  6. I LOVE this outfit. I think it's one of my favorites on you (pretty sure I've said that before, but oh well). The stripes and floral mix is fantastic and the belt...well belts always make me happy. :)

    My purse contents aren't all that exciting...but I'll try to take a picture and post this weekend if I get a chance! Thanks for tagging me! :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. Hi Daphne! Thanks for visiting my blog... I live in Croatia but understand why the scenery reminds some people of Turkey (I was asked several times if I lived in Turkey). I really like this outfit, mixing prints can be challenging but you did it great!



    Fashion Fractions

  8. i like the dress and the sandals ;)


  9. Yes, that's certainly a lot of stuff -- but my favorite is the very last item -- blog cards! "Don't leave home without them." :)

  10. I love all your pose and your outfit look lovely! I the stripes! thank you for tagging me, you will see what inside my back on my next post but I warn you, I'm not as organize as you :o) xx Joice

  11. İ love this print combo and since İ saw you yesterday you looked very put together and fun . Sandals were a perfect choice! Your purse has enough things for a week!! Love my little organized baby:)

  12. Bu post'a bayıldım.Bir annenin çantası işte böyle olur :)


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