Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White Lace

Participating in Every Body Every Wear's Lace event today!

The Inspiration came from the following photo in the April 2011 issue of In Style Magazine...

I had many many lace options. I have a brand new blush colored lace shorts from Forever 21, a grey lace skirt, blush lace dress, black lace jacket, white lace blouse and those new black lace flare legged pants from my mom. All of which are totally  in appropriate for signing up the kids to the outdoor class at the park or the chilly weather!
This was the most doable. At least it is pants and a 3/4 sleeve top which worked fine for today's weather. Even though it is all white and lace top is definitely a bit much for a playground class but at least most people are used to me being more dressed up than everyone else so it was OK...

This is the antique lace tunic from my Grandmother. I have worn this as a very mini dress before. But when I saw the inspiration photo I loved the idea of dressing it down and wearing as a tunic which is what it really is!

Added brown, cream and gold accessories. That cat eye sunglasses are new from F21. Love their shape. I have been always been a big fan of cat eye shape. Hope it fully comes back. The ring is also my Grandmother's by the way. 

Instead of the dark brown I thought the cognac colored and gold studded MK heels would be better... Of course these were replaced by the lizard skin pattern flat sandals...

Lace Tunic - Vintage
Skinny white jeans - Forever 21
Heels - Michael Kors (from TJ Maxx)
Accessories - Vintage and Forever 21

 To See everyone one else in their lace outfits click HERE!

Today's Activities: Today is the first day of Summer Session and sign-up for all the state funded parenting and co-op preschool classes we attend. Even if you plan to attend the classes on other days of the week you have to sign up today which creates an issue when you want to sign up for more than class as the locations are totally different. But the indoor class teacher had made a deal with a few of us, if we bring snack tomorrow she would hold our spot for today and we can go sign up for the other class. This worked out great so we headed straight to the park. A few new friends of mine are attending this summer so should be a lot of fun.
My daughter's potty training has taken a step back. She went from telling to not telling and just going in her underwear. So now we have to resort back to taking her to potty often to avoid accidents. Not sure how this is going to go. My son was so much easier but he was the type of kid you sat down and talked and explained. My daughter is not a listener. Just goes to show you once again, kids are so different even when they are siblings.
Hoping to run some errands this afternoon...


  1. Very nice job! You got the outfit down.

    New follower from voiceBoks. Welcome!


  2. Stunning outfit Defne ;)) Loved it ;)) xxx

  3. Love this look! I'd never be able to pull it off, not just because I can't wear heels, but also because I'm such a klutz! I'd have this adorable outfit stained....in 5 sec's flat. lol

  4. I love your shirt! I wish I had a similar one. :)

  5. I love that top! So pretty on you! Gotta break out my white pants!!!
    XO Carrie

  6. lovey white on white look, very chic and summery. Looks great!

  7. I like that the chain kind of "toughens" it up a bit. It's a very pretty and summery look!


  8. My mom's lace tunic looks great on you babe. You have added colors and a thick chain to make it tough. i always wore it with all white or with a hot pink pant which also looks cool but İ like yours better. İt is a very fresh look for summer. Congratulations. My white dress came as your present and it looks beautiful. You have to see it!

  9. sounds like you got a lot of great lace pieces. would really LOVE to see those blush shorts you're talking about. but love your choice. this top is great and it looks great paired with the white jeans!


  10. What a great look. Love your lace top and how you styled it from head to toe. Gorgeous!

  11. very pretty! love how you paired it with browns :)

  12. This is so spring chic with the all white!

    My daughter has been doing well with the potty training except for when she's playing really hard...then she ends up needing a change of panties every few minutes, practically. Her birthday party at the park was interesting. :/

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  13. I cannot do an all white outfit, but you my dear can totally pull it off! :)


  14. Love the white-out. You nailed the look.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  15. Gorgeous outfit - that necklace is fab! Great job!

  16. LOVE the shoes. I can see that I am going to enjoy following your blog just to watch the shoes. I found you through VoiceBoks and am now a follower!
    Yankee Texan Mom

  17. Love the outfit...especially the shoes! They're fantastic!! :)

    Many blessings,

    **visiting from VoiceBoks


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