Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday at the Fair

This was my outfit for our outing to the local annual fair that takes place in San Diego called The Del  Mar Fair. It will be followed by the horse races. Great summer tradition to go. Always end up spending way too much money and eating a variety of yummy but probably not so healthy food. I have been going since I moved here and of course the activities have changed quite a bit from going with a group of friends to towing kids...

I am so happy the weather cooporated and it was sunny and somewhat warm enough to wear an outfit with shorts and totally justifying my huge hot pink sun hat!

 This tee is super cool cause it has small pops of neon pink and neon green over the greyish pattern...
 Not much taught went into accessorizing. The pink evil eye bracelet, black watch and pink/blue silver ring.

 This is the first time I am wearing my new hot pink hat. It is from NEXT and the brim has built in wire so you can shape it anyway you like...

Cardigan & Tee - Forever 21
Shorts - Express (ridicilous old)
Hat - NEXT
Sneakers - Rocket Dog
Accessories - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Had a great time at the Fair with my Dad. My brother, SIL and baby nephew joined us for part of that time as well. My husband got a bit overwhelmed with the kids but to me it is like vacation to have 4 extra pairs of hands to help out as I am all on my own with that chaos 24/7 during the week.
We stayed a bit longer past the kids nap time and for some reason when that happens my daughter takes so much longer to go down. They are taking a very late nap right now and we plan to spend the rest of the day at home playing and hanging out. My husband and I plan to use our jacuzzi for the first time tonight after the kids go to bed.

This fair is huge. It has all sorts of activities from cars to farm animals to adult and kid rides, food arenas, concert halls and monster truck rallies...

I hate when blogger does not save my rotate edition...


  1. love the hot pink hat!! we totally missed our (biggest) fair here because the weather was bad! a soak in the jacuzi sounds nice...hope you enjoyed :)

  2. I love love love your hat! Fabulous. Glad you had fun at the fair. Events like that, in the summer, are delightful.

  3. Lovely pictures!! Amazing outfit and the beautiful hat really adds a special touch. Really like your blog, I am following you now, follow me back?? xx

  4. Looks like a fun day! Great photos too!

    Follow each other? (if were still not followers of each other ;))

    Definitely, Maybe

  5. Hi lovely,
    I totally love your pink hat!So cuteee!!
    I just found your blog,it's very nice.I added to your followers:)

  6. How fun!! I love your bright pink hat! I bet you stood out like the cute fashionable mommy you are, amidst all the other fair goers. =)

  7. oooh! i love your hat!!! such a standout!

    great pictures!

  8. İ love the outfit and yes finally hot day for a hot pink hat! Looks like you had so much fun and İ am sure you were the most fashionable agreeing with Tiffany:)


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