Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Floral Romance

 So, first let me apologize for today's photos. With the desire to get the photo shoot over and done with I have been rushing to be ready before my husband leaves than beg him to take the photos before he goes to work and it is always super rushed as he is usually already late. So, today's shoot is totally lacking luster.

I simply topped a summer sweater over the floral schiffon maxi dress. Added the wooden heart charm last minute as some sort of accessory.

I felt these red wedges would be an unexpected pop of color. These are the wedges I bought from Turkey last summer. They have sneaker like soles and are super comfy and bouncy! :)

 Oh yeah, at some point wrapped the red crochet choker necklace as a bracelet around my wrist...

Maxi Dress - Yes Style 
Summer Sweater & Necklace - Forever 21
Wedges & Bracelet - From Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the indoor class today. Summer session is a bit different. We'll be meeting indoors one day of the week and the 2nd day will be outdoors at a different location each week. And turns out every outdoor location will involve some sort of a water activity which will be nice. Knowing that June can be very gloomy here all these locations though are quite inland which will be a long drive for us but at least will guarantee warmer weather.
After naps we went to our first swim lesson with a new schedule and instructor. Surprisingly my daughter was not shy at all. My son I am not surprised about by now but looks like my daughter no longer has any stranger anxiety either. I had cooked dinner before we left so when we got out of class warm tuna casserole was waiting for us with a side of steamed cauliflower salad. Of course I had to make a mini chicken casserole for my husband who does not eat any seafood.
We are now watching 'swingers' on netflix instant que and it is bringing back so many memories of working with 5 guys in a small office and them constantly quoting this movie back in the days!


  1. My husband photographed me once without any complaints, but I don't think he's looking to be my blogging buddy anytime soon so I bought a tripod and I absolutely love being able to take pictures wherever and whenever. I was able to get a remote commander for my camera pretty cheap but I mostly use the 10 second pause. I love your skirt and those platforms are great. That pop of red was the first thing I noticed! Debbie

  2. Those beautifully-red wedges are so unusual. They almost look like they belong in a cartoon -- and I mean that as a compliment. They're really intriguing.

  3. Love the skirt and the necklace!


  4. you look so sweet, I like the little floral pendant. I know the mad morning rush, at least your husband is kind enuff to take a picture for you ;-)


  5. cute sweater...i love the horizontal pattern and that it is cropped. cute heart necklace, too! those shoes look really comfy!

  6. Love your outfit! You look amazing dear! <3

  7. istanbul'dan sevgiler... çok sevdiğim bir halamın kızına o kadar benziyorsunuz ki, bilmesem ankara'da yaşadığını ne ara gittin oralara diye hesap soracağım vallahi size... :) bu arada takibimdesiniz artık...bende beklerim taze bloğuma, daha yolun başındayım...sevgiler...

  8. pretty skirt, I like the pink undertones with the red shoes combo. 2 colours I really like together :) I hear you about the rushing for photos thing, but it's usually me rushing around because I'm running late!

    ~Em K

    PS. I laughed about your glasses comment and then I thought, why didn't I think of that?!

  9. I love your skirt! It's a perfect print for summertime :)

  10. I don't think the shots lack the one of you swirling around like a kid again:)

    Great idea putting the sweater over the great when you can repurpose things you already own...such a beautiful floral print and I LOVE that wooden heart necklace. super unique.

  11. cool freaking shoes!!!
    Love the combo of the flowy maxi with the knit sweater !

  12. kolyenle eteğin uyumu cok güzel cnm, gene yaıstırmıssın herseyi:)

  13. I need those shoes! Love the skirt and necklace also!


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