Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comic Con 2011

 My BIG Comic Con post today! After much consideration I decided to go with this outfit...
The inspiration came from this photo I saved in my digital folder as Love Culture.
 I substituted my converses instead of the white shoes in the photo. My tank top is the Madonna graphic tank but I added funky red accent necklaces....

 I wanted a comfy but roomy bag for today so went with the studded light grey one and it went nicely....
 Aren't each one of these necklaces so cute? One of them actually went inside the tank so you can't see but from shortest to longest:
1. cherry - GirlPROPS
2. poodle - Forever 21
3. bottle cap - Purchase from an art fair in Latino museum
4. red heart - from a website I now can't remember...
 Layered all the studded leather cuffs and some chains and my big rings. Also notice I did my own nails the night before in taupe base with black tips...
The matching cuffs are from GirlProps the multi layered one is from Forever 21, the chain bracelet is from thread show. So is the studded ring. The big black onys ring is from Turkey.
 This zebra print shrug was perfect to give warmth when it was chilly morning and night and lightweight to carry in my purse all day.
Shrug - Express (Thrifted)
Tank and Pants - Forever 21
Converses -
Purse - Thread Show
Accessories - see above

First of all let me tell you this is my first time ever going to Comic Con or even the vicinity of the area during comic con. The reason I have had no interest in it before is I thought Comic Con was only about comics and even though I read comics when I was a kid I don't really have enough interest to spend the money to attend.
My friend goes every year (she is not into Comics either) and the year I became obsessed with twilight she told me all the stars were there and I was shocked. I learned that all the network TV shows and movie stars attend the Comic Con and have panels. So I wanted to go this year.
My friend who always finds the best deals ever said if we sign up to volunteer we get in for free.
We had to sign up 5 months ago! The sign-ups fill up within couple hours the website opens it to public. 
The rule is you go there and register and pick any 3 hour shift and the rest of the time you have a pass to visit the convention!
Isn't that a great deal?


Next to the movie poster which we saw it later that night!

 Captain America booth

 My Little Pony

 The Door from Monster's Inc.

 Next to a comic I liked but have no idea who they are...

The huge bag they give to each convention visitor:

They also give your ticket to wear around your neck and like Disneyland it is tradition to put flares (pins) on it. My friend claims it is only cool if all the pins are gathered for free. I cheated and bought 3 of them myself. The rest were collected... The black ticket is our world Premier of Cowboys and Aliens movie pass! which my friend won when she went on Thursday.

I tried to take photos and look around as an outsider and was once again mesmerized with the beauty of this city we live in. The convention center is a beautiful structure located right on the water and across from our famous 'Gaslamp' downtown district which is full of happening hotels, clubs and bars.

 The Convention Center is on the left...

 Inside the convention the 2nd floor views...

Apparently over 65,000-70,000 people attend the Comic Con! People fly from all around the country and the world to visit this convention!


This is one venue you can dress like whoever and whatever you want. There were so many crazy costumes I took a few. The only costume I wish I thought of it earlier and worn was 'Black Swan'. Saw the girl wearing it when we just got there and had to scramble to get in the line for volunteer registration so did not take her photo. But she wore an all black ballerina outfit with pink tights and point shoes and had a full black make-up. It was super cool. I would have loved to wear that!

Don't ask me who any of these characters are... cause I have no idea!

My friend and I in our volunteer tees we had to wear during the 3 hour shift. We had to give these tees back but got other t-shirts for volunteering later...

  At the Convention

Back to the Future car (God, I used to love that movie and watched it over and over back in the day...)

Three boys in costumes looking at the lego display.

I loved Rin Tin when I was a kid...

This author was signing and giving her book for free. We got 2 free  signed books like this. And as my friend pointed out they were right in our genre, you know: 'young adult'. She was being sarcastic of course and but we do seem like to some of these young adult books such as the twilight series!

Speaking of 'Twilight'... I am a huge fan of the books. The movies are OK and I enjoy watching them but nothing close to the book of course. Anyway the panel of this movie of course that I would have loved to see was on Thu or Friday days I couldn't go since no one was free to take the kids. We did visit the booth which was disappointing as they were giving just a pin. There was a fan club meeting that we were going to check out but the times did not work with our volunteer shift. Oh well...

We tried to get into the 'Vampire Diaries' panel but of course totally last minute so by the time we were in the room that was over and the panel for the TV Series 'Fringe' was on. I have never seen the show but at least my friend had. I might rent the early seasons and see if I like it...

Then we stayed in  the room to see the pilot of a new series called Alcatraz that will be airing all the way in January!. The panel was afterwards... Recognize the stars? It somewhat has a 'lost' flair.

This was the end of a 7 hour day. We then had to go get our volunteer cards validated (proof that we have completed our assigned shift) then had to go the next building to get our t-shirts. All this takes a lot of time and a lot of walking and lines, let me tell you.
We then had to walk 15 blocks or so the theater!

So like I said my friend had won these passes the day before. I though it was just a movie 'preview' but then realized as we were pretty much running the 15 blocks to get there on time it was the 'premier' which is quite different.
Premier is the event where all the stars of the movie show up and there is red carpet interviews etc... Then I was bummed that this would be my outfit for a world premier! But before we could even consider all this we found out a block away that they were no longer taking people in and that we should have come 3 hours earlier to get wristbands! Totally disappointed we walked there for a desperate attempt. The two couples in front of us made a great case but the girl turned us all down. Then something happened and I missed it and she said we could all come in!
Since everyone was already seated it was totally empty in the lobby and they directed us to walk outside which is when we found ourselves on the red carpet right next to the Entertainment weekly interview platform. Of course it did not last long and were flagged by the 15 security guards and was told to keep moving inside the theater. 
This theater is actually for plays. So they had to convert it to a movie theater for the premier so it didn't really matter that we were sitting in nose bleed seats. We were in! They had free popcorn and soda too.
And We got to watch all the red carpet interviews that were taking place right outside on the big screen inside. 

Here are the stars that were there
By the way I am horrible with star names so with the exception of Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg I couldn't tell you the names of any of these stars but recognize them of course. I googled the names and got photos so you can recognize them...

 Daniel Craig was the star of the movie. To be honest I didn't like him much and I really don't like him as a James Bond. BUT, after the movie I have a new found appreciation for the sex appeal of this guy!

Harrison Ford with Calista Flockhart (yes the age difference is a bit creepy but I decided to not past judgement)...

John Favreau director and executive producer. Remember him from Swingers? I love this guy and he is so friendly and cool in person. He hung out with the fans the most.

Executive Producer Steven Spielberg with Kate Capshaw

Olivia Wilde wore Dolce & Gabbana. Up close this looks good but from any distance it is just too much material.

Sam Rockwell

Adam Beach

Paul Dano

Ana de la Reguera wore a Gucci Fall 2011 RTW dress. She reminded me of Penlope Cruz. I LOVED her dress...

 Noah Ringer

 Producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer

 The Civic Theater turned into a movie theater...
 John Favreau starts calling the cast members on the stage starting of course with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford...

Olivia Wilde and Steven Spielberg join...

At the end the entire cast is on the stage and the audience goes wild!

The surprise after party with DJ music, great food and an open wine and beer bar!

Ridiculous panic to get him sign something only to realize we do not have a pen so settled on an awkward photo instead. 

They served these corn bread with salsa type of things in these cone shaped cups. Looked cute and tasted yummy. I ate two!

 Andy Serkis who played the 'gollum' in Lord of the Rings was there with his family and look his kid fell a slepp in his arms during the after party.

 And this was the place where everyone wanted to be. The private party hosted by E on top of Hard Rock hotel. We are pretty sure this is where all the stars went.

15 block walk back the convention center to catch the shuttle back to where we parked our cars!

This whole experience felt like I was in a parallel universe for a day. I mean you see how I spend my day everyday. Play dates, errands, pre school, field trips and occasional dinner outings with the hubby or my girls. This was nothing even close to what I do. It didn't feel like vacation since we were on our feet for hours and walked miles but it was just so refreshingly different and new.  I loved the experience and had such a fun time with my best friend.  

I hope you enjoyed the post and the photos!


  1. Merhaba, bu tarz sana çok yakışmış, çok daha enerjik görünüyorsun :)

  2. great photos! I would've loved going to COmic Con! Where you able to check our the panel of SpiderMan? I saw it in the Youtube, it was pretty cool!


  3. I'm so jealous you got to go to Comic-Con!

  4. Great post! How exciting!

    I've mentioned before that I visited your city and love its beauty. I saw the Convention Center when I was there and vowed to return some day to do the Comic-Con. Your post makes me feel like I did!

    Your outfit is very cute.

  5. WOW! You look like you had a blast! So jealous you got to go. Love your outfit too :)

  6. Looks like a cool event. I love your outfit. The red pants are hot!!


  7. I am so jealous...I am a huge sci-fi geek and I was dying to go! Sounds like everything was really cool, especially the movie premier!!

  8. These are AWESOME! One of my ex-husband's best friends, who was a groomsman in our wedding, was on one of the panels there, I can't remember for which show though.

    I love that you wore the converse! You look adorable, that's the perfect outfit for that!

  9. LOVE this look! and it looks like you guys had a great time! so fun!!

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  11. this looks like so much fun! i really had no idea what comic con was all about, but i did see a few vid clips on a twilight site years ago when they were on the panel...

    and the volunteer thing was a great idea! props to your friend!!


  12. Loved your post. Outfit is great execution for Comic-Con. And the black Converse were an upgrade.


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    glad you enjoyed yourself!

    jos xx

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