Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No. 56

 Somewhat of a basic outfit today. 

Inspired by Carrie Fabulous (no. 56 combo):
 And I just realized now that I have the same straw clutch I would have posed with but didn't see it until now!

 You finally get to see this tank in its entirety. I bought it for its pretty lace and tulle hem to stick out under tops and have worn it like that. Today is the first time I am wearing it on its own.
I ordered this necklace from F21 website. Must have not read it correctly as I thought it was black feathers but they are peacock. Oh well. Still cool...
 Notice my yellow & tangerine nail polish? I did this last night. Again not the cleanest lines on the tips but oh well. Of course my husband's first comments upon seeing this is 'looks like Halloween candy!'

I love this cocoa shrug. So soft and the color goes with everything...

These sandals are getting very old!

Shrug and Necklace - Forever 21
Tulle hem linen tank - Charlotte Russe
Denim Bermuda shorts - Closet
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

With my little girl. I am getting a bit better in front braiding her hair.
 Today's Activities: Took it easy today. Finally got the car washed and cleaned out. It was sooo dirty. Then went to the indoor play area. They run summer camps there and it turned out to be a somewhat cloudy and windy day so it was quite packed.
Cooked during naps then swim class in the afternoon.
My friend came over for some styling advice and accessory/shoe borrowing.

Tonight's Dinner: 
Chicken Lollipops & Couscous and Garbanzo bean tabbouleh
Recipe from the Parenting Magazine's July 2011 issue...
 I doubled the tomatoes in the salad and also added 6 stalks of celery hearts too for more veggies...
 I had cooked chick peas already last week so had a container of that ready. My kids love all kinds of beans which is great.
 Bought the new pearled couscous which is much bigger for a change. I usually get couscous in bulk from Henry's but I was out so used a box of near east instead...

Cut up chicken breast into large squares (size of lollipops) and marinated for couple hours then baked in the oven as instructed...

This is the salad after everything is mixed. Me and the kids ate it cold but my husband warmed it up.

Put in the skewers after I heated up the chicken pieces. My skewers were long so I just cut them shorter. 
The Kids' Plates:

Huge Success!

And our plates. The white dollop is ranch dressing for the chicken.... The chicken came out very tasty and moist. I love the citrusy taste the lemon gave.


  1. Cute look! I like your nails, but thought the same thing as your

    This recipe looks delicious! I'll have to try it. :)

  2. love the simplicity of the outfit! it looks so chic. the tank makes it a little extra special! dinner looks DELISH too!

  3. Cute post and great pics of your kids. This outfit is so fun and the sandals are hot. I love the necklace and your candy corn nails too. :)


  4. that dinner looks really good. i love cousous and chick peas. nice to see the tank in its entirety and very pretty necklace.

  5. love your outfit especially those sandals - i want them! that dinner looks sooo yummy! your kids are way tooo adorable! i would love to learn how to make a braid like that!

    jos xx

  6. Basic, classic, I love it. Nice outfit.

  7. You're so darn chic -- I feel sophisticated just visiting your blog! And I'm really glad to see you and Tracy exchange comments -- she's a sweetheart.

  8. LOVING those sandals! They are perfect with your outfit! And the food looks yummy! My hat's off to you, mommy :) Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving your comment :) Would you like to follow each other?

  9. Will you come teach me how to cook? I've never enjoyed it so I've never learned how, plus I'm a vegetarian so I don't know much about meat anyway.

    I love that blouse on you! So simple and pretty, and the shrug is fantastic too.

  10. Great necklace! Couscous is one of my favorites!

  11. Fabulous necklace! It pulls your whole look together. And that chicken dish looks delicious!

    Come by and enter my giveaway for 3 bottles of Joe Fresh nail lacquer if you like:
    just click here

  12. Love the lace top and the shoes and necklace really does pull it all up. İ love the picture with your hand up and your hair looks sideways:) Yummy recipes and the kids look like they are enjoying it. Th nails İ can't decide i did mine red with pink tips but you can hardly notice!

  13. This is a nice casual outfit, I like your sandals.:D

    Dinner looks delicious.:D

    ***** Marie ******

  14. love so much about this outfit. it looks comfy but so gorgeous. love that peacock feather necklace and those shoes are great!

    what a good dinner. your kids look like good eaters. mine still just want mac n' cheese :(


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