Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Today's outfit was inspired by another outfit from the J Crew catalog. I really like J Crew and their catalog. They put together great outfits.
 Finally getting to wear these blush colored lace shorts. The photo has yellow/orange undertones with the lace shorts and cardi, so I went blush/nude colors since those are the colors of my items.
 I do like how the black and white striped top pops. Added the black sandals to pull from that...
 I connected two of my pearl necklaces to make an extra long one. Also added these blush pink beads too...
 The animal print cross body bag with a tan colored coach scarf with a  rust trim....

 Without the Cardi... By the way the tee is worn backwards again since the front has a subtle writing on it...

 Tee - From Turkey
Cardigan & Shorts & colored bead necklace - Forever 21
Pearls - gifts
Bag - Juicy Couture
Sandals - Boutique 9 (zappos)

Today's Activities: Well it was a crazy morning. We were all doing good dressed and lunches packed in our car driving north to see some butterfly exhibition when the tiny image of a battery lights up in my car. I am thinking 'oh no what is wrong now?'. We get off the freeway on our exit and wait at the stop light to turn and the radio dies. Now I am thinking that is not a great sign. Sure enough the light turns green I start turning left and that is when my car completely dies in the middle of the intersection blocking a very busy road (Encinitas Blvd for those in San Diego)! 
I tried to remain calm. The good thing is no one hit us and luckily there was a huge commercial truck behind me and the driver pushed me to the bike lane across the street. So happy we had lunch packed cause I fed the kids lunch while we waited for AAA. My son enjoyed the experience of a police officer coming by then a tow truck and being towed like 'mater tows McQueen!'. My friend was meeting us and she was able to drop off her kids with her family members and came to pick us up. After visiting the butterflies (1 hour later) we then had the issue of getting back home. My other friend who also met us there came to the rescue. We picked up the car seats from my car in the shop installed them in her car and took very fussy 4 kids home. 

Here are some photos from the Monarch Butterfly Program (website):

 She is a little afraid when the butterfly gets close...

My son is trying to feed a butterfly watermelon!

Got 2!

Then there was one on his sandwich!

I had one on my hand!

This one stayed on my hand forever!

Kind of looks like a cool ring doesn't it?

After naps I got dinner ready and when my husband came to take over the kids met up with 3 other mommy friends for some fun dinner and drinks! Ended up at a 'Joe's Crab Shack' and had some yummy crab lakes.


  1. şortun modeli sana çok yakışmış,rengi de gerçekten çok hoş.kelebekleri çok seviyorum,hepsi birbirinden güzeller :)bu arada ojelerde gözümden kaçmadı çok şeker olmuşlar :)

  2. those lace shorts are very pretty...a very girly vibe today! i always forget to try and link up my necklaces to make them longer. very jealous of your "me" time!


  3. You look great! JCrew definitely has some good inspiration photos to use.

    The butterflies look so pretty. I had no idea you could use watermelon to attract them.

  4. sounds you had quite a day!!! fortunately no one bumped into your car while you waited!! love the striped t-shirt, it looks good on you!!!

    the butterflies are so beautiful, that black one really looks like a ring haha! your kids are adorable, too cute!

    jos xx

  5. Oh, I love the shades of pink with the black and white. I love how you show your inspiration for your outfits. =)

    Those butterflies are beautiful! It looks like you and the kids had a fun day, despite the rough start!

  6. İ love this place İ want to go! İ am sure police and towing people also enjoyed your blog worthy short and sandal outfit:) İ also love how juliets hair is braided and see you did not need classes.
    The butterfly looks great as a ring on your finger. They must be used to people. Love your blog fun stuff everyday to be cheered up. Congratulations.

  7. Ohh, so cute - love this outfit on you!

  8. Love how you interpreted that look from Jcrew...those lace shorts are amazing paired with your stripes!

  9. Love the pinks! That butterfly definitely looks like a stylish ring. Great pics! :)


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