Friday, July 29, 2011

All Business

 I had a job interview today so for a change you are seeing what I looked like when I was a businesswoman back in the day and possibly again in the future...
 I picked a somewhat classic suit to wear which is what I usually do for interviews. Once I am working and have built relationships I add a bit more interest to my suits but I am afraid they are all mostly very professional and conservative looking. In the Finance (investments) industry you really can't get away with anything else.
 I liked this dark brown pant suit cause of the cool cream stitching it had which adds interest...

I did go (a bit) crazy added lots of gold and pearl short necklaces. There are three here:
1. large gold chain link - Bloomingdale's
2. 3 layered vintage pearl necklace - gift from Mom
3. Multi layered gold and pearl necklace - gift from Mom

I own two business totes. One is a black and gray coach one which is room and fits my laptop and more. The other one is this which looks big but fits hardly anything. Fine for an interview but not practical for everyday workday.

I was going to wear my dark brown stilettos but these cream pointy toe mules looked much more interesting. I just knew they would come back in style. Have been saving them for years with another similar pair in a box top of my closet!

 It was a good hair day which I am sure you noticed is not all that frequent for me!

 When you know you won't be taking off your suit jacket such as in an interview you can get away with wearing a simple silk cami underneath. Normally though I would wear a silk blouse or a shell so I can take it off if it gets hot and still look professional. I own a vast collection of silk camisoles and blouses to go with my suit collection.
 A good tailored suit that fits you nicely gives you confidence which is key especially in an interview!

Suit - Some italian brand bought from a boutique during a business trip in Boston
Necklaces - see above
Heels - BCBG

Today's Activities: Didn't let a thing like job interview stop my plans of taking kids to the new Winnie the Pooh movie with our play group this morning. I tried on the suit and all the accessories on last night to make sure everything still fits and looks OK. Then I hung it all up and attached a bag with the shoes and a travel toothbrush, toothpaste deodorant and a lip gloss. I wore (forgot to take a photo) lemon yellow capri pants and a rust colored tee and suede ballet flats to the theater. But put on all the jewelry seen above and did my hair and make-up. After the movie fed the kids lunch in the food court. My mom and step-dad met us there to take over the kids and I drove to the interview. I stopped at Sears (right by the company) and changed in their restroom and got freshened up.
My interview went fine but sounds like their priorities have changed and they now do not have a timeline of filling this position which is a red flag. So we shall see.
After I got home changed, my husband and I took the kids to my parents again, then left to pick up my car from the shop up north. Before though we stopped for a nice dinner over some drinks and had a mini date night! It was great!


  1. nsl gecti görüşme ?
    cok şık olmuşsun, ozellikle kolyeler cok hos...

  2. very nice nickles that attract me a lot ....

  3. LV stole the show..Im mental for LV... However.. the suit also rocks.. I know we lawyers also have to wear only a certain kind of dress.. nothing else can go. LOL

  4. look at you all business-y, lol. i love the suit. nothing wrong with classic, conservative suits. it's all about the accessories and shoes...and you put together a great ensemble here!


  5. Best of luck on that interview. You look the part, though a lot more glamorous than most people in the industry :-)

  6. I really like that suit. I saw the close-up of the necklaces and loved it. Then I had to scroll back up to see if it was too much with the suit and it was not. It was awesomeness. I need to work on layering necklaces. I only did it once. (

  7. You look beautiful! And I love the layered necklaces.

  8. Oh, wow... you are a master of disquise! I didn't recognize you in there.

    It is a great outfit though. Despite its business formality, there are many nice touches of personal style.

  9. You look really nice in a business suit. I love how you added the little details, especially those cool shoes, to a "conservative" suit to give it some of your personality :)

  10. There she is my career girl looking awesome of course but İ like you better as a mommy and all those creative outfits. Kids will miss you terribly. Love the layered pearls and you have great hair it should always look like this :)Love the mules especially.

  11. this is an amazing look! love this business woman style
    fabulous sunnies to accessories shoes suit and LV :)

  12. Nice outfit!

  13. lovely outfit! may i ask what job are you applying for?

    jos xx

  14. Love it! I can't wear any of my suits after having the little one - ugh. Good luck with the job hunt!

  15. you are so gorgeous in your business suit and you looks more formal and a member of an upper class business men.


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