Monday, July 25, 2011

Concert in the Park

This is the outfit I wore yesterday with the intention of posting it today for Inspiration Monday!

The ladies at the Two Birds blog have submitted Heidi Klum for this Monday's outfit:
 I couldn't of course pass on the opportunity to give a very similar pose with my own two kids!

 This is not an outfit I would have picked to imitate but worked for our concert in the park event last night.
 I had a striped crop top as well but really wanted to wear this soft striped snood and together they were just too similar and looked weird. So wore this very long tunic top instead.

Tunic - Bebe Sport
Scarf - Forever 21
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Sneakers - Puma

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Sunday Activities: Swam in our pool as our morning activity. Then in the afternoon went to a concert in the park. Most cities have these during summer months. In San Diego of course almost every neighborhood park has one so there are lots to choose from. We chose the park that is super close to our house. Met up with two other families and had a potluck picnic dinner. My SIL came with my little nephew and my Dad joined us too.  Kids had a great time running around to the dance floor and dancing. The music was blues and just very easy to listen to. Great gathering. Hope to do it again at least one more time this summer. Plus this park has amazing views of the skyline and the ocean so that is nice too.
 Here is our group at the concert. My Dad took the photo...

The views! The photo is not doing justice...

The Band!

My daughter dancing by herself! See her? 

Both kids listening to the music...

My nephew in his funny hat. 4 Mos old now!

 My Dad dancing with the baby in his arms and my daughter. He is enjoying life!

Kids with their friend after the concert the play continues...


  1. Love this outfit and your take on the Heidi Klum pic. :)

  2. beautiful family, beautiful place, your heidi klum version is super cute too! :)

  3. i see the inspiration! the sneaks, jeans, gray and scarf, looking good!

  4. this is too cute!!!! you're kids are adorable!!! love your sporty outfit!

    jos xx

  5. You make even simple outfits cute. The scarf is perfect. And your children are so adorable.

  6. great take on the outfit...and it works perfectly for your concert! what a fun day!

  7. love your photos & your scarf :)

  8. I am in love with this look for an outdoor concert - it's perfect! And I love that tunic!

  9. Heidi'nin kombininden çook daha iyi olmuş seninki..ama siz çok tatlısınız:)
    Ayrıca yorumun için de çok teşekkür ederimm ve eşim de Türk koleji 1994 mezunu, tanışıyor olabilir misiniz acaba?..

  10. You look cute! I bet it was the perfect comfortable outfit for the concert. =)

  11. Love your take on Heidi's outfit. The scarf is super cute.

    You always look like you have so much fun too! You are an awesome mommy :)


  12. Love the look and the scarf is so chic--I think an eternity scarf is a moms' best friend. Thanks so much for linking up on Monday Mingle.

  13. Love all the pictures and the little one look adorable as always, you look chic! great post dear! I adore your brown sneaker :o) xx Joice

  14. Thanks for joining us lady! Love the scarf!

  15. Hi Daphne, I'm coming over to say hello. I'm one of Ally's friends from Shybiker.

    I've just spent an hour going through your blog. You have great style. I love how easily you are able to put looks together from your inspiration pics. I have to say that you usually look so much better than your inspiration. Amazing. I look forward to coming back and being inspired by you.


  16. Looks like fun! And honey, you nailed that outfit. In fact, I prefer yours to Heidi's!

  17. Hi there! Great post! Your pose is adorable, and so is the outfit. The kids are super cute, as usual. :)

  18. Wearable casual chic.:D

    Your kids are just too cute!:D

    ***** Marie ******


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