Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today's Inspiration came from the following tiny photo in a corner page in a big group shot from February 2011 Lucky Magazine...

I liked these colors, pastel yellow, blue and orange together. Wish my cardi was a bit more pastel orange than this bright one but oh well....
 This outfit was perfect for today for running errands and staying at home. The weather is super hot (in mid 80s) but inside my house is chilly so the cardi was perfect.

I was going to wash my hair in the afternoon before the haircut so in the morning did a side braid I saw my friend do the other day... Then I did my daughter's hair in the same fashion but forgot to photo of course.

Cardigan - Gap
Tank - Ann Taylor (random I know. It is very old)
Pants - J Crew
Sneakers - Rocket Dog

Started the morning early. My goal was to leave the house by 9:45 but somehow managed to get out by 9:15! 

The photo shoots for my scheduled posts are taking quite some time and effort. I am doing this whole 'welcome to my closet' series where I will display trendy colors like orange, blue, red, purple etc...And also animal prints, metallics, fur and feathers. All this requires though taking out ton of stuff my closet, drawers and cabinets. Staging them on my bedroom balcony then having to put it all back. Quite an exercise. I am trying to do some everyday to break it up. So this morning I got all the purples and some missing pieces from yesterday. But realized afternoon is a much better time to take photos for the light purposes. So tomorrow I have to catch that light somehow. To be prepared I already piled up all the clothes in front of the balcony door.

Today we went to the indoor play area in the morning Then in the afternoon my friend came over with her two kids and while my parents played with all of them she gave me a much needed haircut. She works at a big salon but this way it was very convenient for both of us. She also gave my son a hair cut and of course my daughter 'had to' have one too. She ran up before us and sat in the chair to ensure she would get a turn. It was so cute!
 Here is getting her 'pretend' hair cut since mommy wants her hair long before she gets her first cut. Convincing her to get a haircut obviously though will not be a problem when the time comes!
 We thought she was done but she reminded us blow dryer was not used like mommy so couldn't skip that step!

 Here is my son who stood nicely but with a very concerned look on his face and this weird move he made each time the scissors slightly touched his skin.

 And here is my hair cut. I obviously do not have an ounce of make-up, so this also could be used as my 'all natural' portrait look! :)


  1. Your hair looks great! There is nothing like a fresh haircut. You look really pretty in your natural self with no makeup.

    Love the color combo above. Your socks look rainbow. That is cool!

  2. saçların süper olmuş canım, bayıldım!
    çok daha dolgun duruyor ve bence daha fresh bir look olmuş.. :)
    bu kombinini de çok sevdim, renkler bir harika :)

    öpüyorum, sevgiler..

  3. very nice...and you looks A-OK without makeup...lucky :)

    i still cut my kids' hair, although my daughter has been begging for a "real" salon experience!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  4. Your hair looks wonderful! I love the color!

  5. sacın cok hos olmus cnm.. cocukların sac kesimi de heyecanlı geciyor gibi:)

  6. loving the color combo of your outfit! it's so bright and happy. i love the pics of your cutie getting a haircut! i won't touch my girls hair. i'm actually afraid if i cut my eldest's hair then it'll never be curly again. i have a fear of them getting their hair cut!


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