Monday, October 10, 2011

Lita's at the Thread Show

 Here is the crazy outfit I wore to the Thread Show this afternoon!

 I was first going to wear my juicy peep toe boots and no belt. But the lita's added so much color and hipness. The tee was too boxy so added the thin belt to define it a bit and pick the red from the boots.

 I like wearing crazy combos to thread show cause for one there is no other venue I could wear such outfits and for two the crazier you dress the more attention you get there and gives me a chance to promote the blog.

Feather necklace which looks so high class is another F21 gem. The ring is thread show purchase from last year.
 I love tulle skirts. This one is actually a tank dress. I wish though it was a bit longer. I kept pulling it down.
My georgous new Lita's. You know these people were familiar when they didn't just say 'nice shoes' they would come and say 'I love your Lita's!'

Mom's fedora from France is getting so much wear in my care!

Tee, necklace, belt - Forever 21
Dress (worn as skirt) - YesStyle
Leggings - H&M
Hat - mom's
Ring - Thread Show
Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell's (from Lulu's)

Met my sister, her friend, my mother and my two friend's at the famous Thread Show this afternoon after we returned from the pumpkin patch and the kids went down for a nap.

Shortly after we got there I was approached by this group that was doing a photo project of everyone's cool shoes:

 This was the angle he was taking...

They did a face shot!
Here is my mom at the designer rack where they were selling items 80% off due to a small defect. She is holding a Miu Miu jean and tweek jacket here (she claims she can make this):

And this Valentino coat was so pretty. Mom thinks she can cover her old coat with lace like this:

Group shot in front of this artist's wall mural!

I am actually only 1 inch taller than my mom but in the Lita's the difference is quite high! :)

Tried on this shaggy sleeve jacket but it was too much.

 These two ladies were very excited when I said I was a fashion blogger and wanted to be photographed...

 Tasted wine of our zodiac sign...

My friend was super quick to answer a giveaway question and won this super cool white knit fedora and a tunic top!

Today's Finds:
Skirt and Purse from - Haven Boutique 
Most of the accessories from Micha Design


  1. sen de cok alısık olmadığımız bir tarzi cok hos ve enerjik olmus..
    show da muhtesemmiş, süper parçalar var..

  2. your shoes made me die, i so so like it

  3. Terrific! Love the tulle skirt and chic shoes.

    Like you, I look for excuses to wear clothes that go past convention and toward the cliff of Extreme Fashion. Such outfits are wonderfully creative and fun. Isn't fashion about fun? Or, shouldn't it be??

  4. Awesome, awesome lita's! The tartan print is so unique :) Loving the grey tutu as well! You're rocking this outfit, I must say :)

  5. This is so awesome!!! & you look amazing. Seriously those shoes are amazing. I've never seen plaid litas before!!

    I saw your comment on oomph's post about my mark. ebOutique! Sorry about the site being down they sometimes do maintnence at night but it is up and running right now! Just remember to register on the top right corner! & if you have any questions email me =)

    xo Jackie

  6. Such a fun and creative look! Love it! Looks like you had a pretty fun day too! :)

  7. Dying over that grey tulle skirt! It's soooo cute!

  8. The litas definitely bring the outfit together. Love the skirt too!

  9. OMG! I just bought this skirt in nude last week. I love it. You look so chic, and what a smashing pair of platforms! -xx

  10. Loving the feather earrings you found! And love that picture of you where the photographer is shooting your boots.

  11. Yes baby you did rock yesterday and İ was so happy there to see you and take pictures of while being taken a picture of! Love the shoes on you and my hat is very happy on your head going all over the place accompanying to your smile! great finds bu the way.

  12. gah, you got the litas!!! i still haven't jumped on that bandwagon, but i'm so tempted with all the cute patterns i've been seeing! love the one you chose!
    can't wait to see that skirt on!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.


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