Friday, October 14, 2011

Layered colors over stripes

 I have to be honest, I am not crazy about today's outfit at all. But the morning was such a crazy rush that I didn't care to play around with it. The Inspiration had come from this polyvore combo:

But the execution was not my proudest moment:

Layered the light peach and the green floral scarf...

Dress - Marshall's
Tank - Victoria's Secret
Scarf - H&M
Necklace - Forever 21
Flip Flops - from Turkey

So, these scheduled posts I am trying to prepare are taking quite some time. To expedite things I piled up all the different clothes together at night with the plans of taking photos during kids' nap time. BUT, remembered the cleanning ladies are coming today and they would move all that stuff and then it would take me months to find them. So I had to rush to take 'all' the photos in the morning before we left for preschool! Which was crazy. To make matters worse my battery died right in the middle, so took a break and got ready while that charged a bit so I can finish. And when I started again this one stubborn bee kept buzzing right next to me and freaking me out. What a morning.
After Preschool and lunch and naps I thought I would have a family member come babysit while I got my nails done completely forgetting about my son's tee-ball! I missed it since he started since I was working. It was great to go but to keep the little ones occupied we took them to the adjacent park so I didn't get to watch my son play. Next time I will try to go with someone or leave my daughter with someone so I can watch him. Afterwards we all went out to dinner together and yet still hit horrible traffic on the way home at 7 PM.
So now I am doing 4 loads of laundry and finishing up these posts so I can dedicate tomorrow to pack and get ready and hope to get my nails done.


  1. You create outfits so regularly and they are almost always so wonderful. Here...

    (My momma taught me: if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.)


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