Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi There,
Heading to Jamaica today!

Today I will also start my week long of posts about Fall/Winter trends and my goals finding items that fit these trends from my own closet.
I have also included a ton of old outfit photos that go with each item so it should be a fun read...

We will start with Trends that were in last season and still continue to be in fashion:
Sorry I don't really have cool pics for everything but just bear with me...

·       1.  Animal prints 
 So glad these are still in. I love Animal prints and as you will see later this week I have plenty of items that fit this trend...

2. Bold Colors
 I love all these vibrant colors. So much fun to wear.

3. Southwestern, tribal patterns
 I don't have a whole a lot of items that fit this trend cause I feel it won't last long. But I love the trend.

4. Fur

 I love fur trims and faux fur jackets. This year you can even go colored fur. The purple jacket I have fits right into that category!  I am lusting over that emerald green one though.

The rest I don't have photos for but you know the trends anyway:

·         5. Hats
·         6. Feathers
·         7. Skinny Jeans
·         8. Clutches
·         9. Colored jeans/pants

·         10. Metallics

Stay tuned for tomorrow for the new trends...


  1. Great post ! really inspiring !

  2. I believe I wear trends 1-3 year round, lol. Love the animal prints. Happy weekend to you Daphne!
    ~Madison :-)

  3. Ne guzel bir sezon ozeti olmus.

  4. Are animal prints EVER out of style? I hope not!! I wear mine year round too.
    Fun post...can't wait to see you style all the trends.
    Hope you are having a great weekend girl

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  6. I adore animal prints and fur, when I lived in Russia I wore fur for practically half of the year!! ;)


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