Monday, October 10, 2011

Oomph Inspired Monday Mingle

Today's outfit inspiratoin was from the lovely fashion blogger mommy Becks from the very popular and loved  Oomph Blog!

Wore the white blazer one more time before dropping it off at the dry cleaner's...

These are the other flared pair I got from F21. They are darker rinse but thinner material and not as long...

Tank - Arden B
Jeans, Blazer - Forever 21
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Heels - Steve Madden

Participating in Monday Mingle, a fashion focused initiative that sprung from the minds of BonBon Rose Girls, and
GlamMom is the linky host this week, so click HERE to check out fabulous fashion themed posts!

Woke up super early for my own infusion appt and then to the pre-school to meet up with the kids and my mom. It was nice to be back to my old routine but exhausting and I felt out of shape after my 3 week break from full time mommyhood. 
After naps we went to a closer pumpkin patch with our friends. 4 Mommies, 8 Kids! It was pretty dead there but we were big enough of a group to make it fun just us. The kids always have such better time when they do things with friends. And their costumes had arrived in the mail so they got to wear them. They were both sooo excited about it. We had to pry the batgirl dress off of my daughter at night to go to bed.

Meet Finn McMissile & Miss BatGirl!

Superheroes in line!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Pumpkin Climbers


  1. aw, i love are spot on!!! i like your scarf better, tho! i'm going to try to make it to the pumpkin patch this year!! mini-he's never been.

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  2. Wow do you look great!!! Love the scarf....the kiddos are super cute!!

    Statements in Fashion:A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  3. What a great look! Your scarf is gorgeous! Looks like the kids had a great time!

  4. Loving the white blazer with the scarf! Just a great clean and chic look and loving those heels!!

    P.S., I adore Oomph!!!

  5. YOu look so chic!! love the added scarf..oomph is always such a chic mommy too! xo Lisa

  6. I love the pops of color with the scarf and the blue top. This is such a classy look!

    The costumes look great. Looks like all of the kiddos had a wonderful time!

  7. ahhaa.. such nice jeans are bell bottoms back? love the pinkie baby. choo chweet


  8. You totally pulled it off! Can't go wrong with a great pair of jeans and blazer. You're one chic mama!

  9. What a great blog. It's fun to see you being a pointy-toed fashionista then off to the races with the kids.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    danielle celeste

  10. Love the flare jeans. I'm going to be styling my own pair soon for a feature. Thanks so much for joining in Monday Mingle.

  11. İ love it all the flared jean the white blazer and the scarf perfectly put together with those pumps!! The kids are sooo cute fin mc missile is really trevor complete with the cap! Jul,let ,s going to be one crazy batgirl for us all her life you can tell frim her crazy pose around the merry go round!! The costume is so her it is unbelievable looking forward to trick and treating with them:)


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