Wednesday, November 30, 2011


  Today's outfit came out better that I envisioned. 

The inspiration was from Elle's February 2011 issue:
 You can see it was this tiny photo in the middle on the right. But it caught my eye cause I have all similar pieces.... I just love getting remix ideas from magazines. Allows me to create more outfits from stuff I already Own.

This white eyelet skirt was from my mom's closet. 

Even though this looked like a summer outfit it actually worked better cause the vest is made like a blazer jacket and is very thick.

Added white feather earrings cause no necklace worked for some reason with the outfit...

 Fur trim booties added a more winter vibe to this and made it look appropriate for late November.

My crackle nails! My friend brought the blue crackle finish the other night. Over white it looks cool....

Vest - Forever 21
Blouse - Gap
Skirt - from Turkey
Earrings - Thread Show
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

Went to preschool in the morning. After naps took the kids to my parents' house to decorate their xmas tree. I haven't downloaded those photos yet but I do have photos of our tree from 2 days ago when my friend and I decorated it.
Oh, and after my parents' house took the kids to the library PJ story time again. Normally I would have skipped it and stayed at my mom's but we had books to return that were due today so that was my motivation. My husband played tennis.
The photos downloaded out of order but oh well...

These are personalized Lenox ornaments for my kids' 1st Christmas's (2007 and 2009)

We buy a new ornament every year. Either signifying what we did that year or a family photo. For this year I liked hallmark's frame one:

And this was from Jamaica to remember out big family trip this year:

My (faux) fireplace in the living room has a silver and white decoration:

The tree with just the ribbon first (I decided I will buy a new ribbon every year to change things up a bit from year to year...)

And the tree done with all the decorations:

The vintage Santa ornament my mom got me for this year:

I actually put away my year-round frames away during this month and put these up. The first two are when the kids visited Santa for the first time. The third is our xmas photo last year and the fourth is a snow photo I plan to change if we go to snow each year.


  1. love the furry boots and eyelet! you look fab. those feather earrings are the perfect accessory!

    can't wait to decorate for Christmas. already started a little bit but once the tree is up then it'll really feel like the season!

  2. gah, you got the glasses! love them, but can't get myself to splurge on them...yet! cute outfit...very cool with the black vest over the lighter colors.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. harika bir post olmuş... komnin çok şık, yelek ve botları çok beğendim... VE noel süslemeleri de muhteşem olmuş tatlım, bende geçen hafta kurdum...


  4. Your tree looks beautiful! I love pulling out all of the ornaments and having a specific memory attached to them. Love your outfit, especially the vest and boots. To answer your question, yes, I have another daughter who is 6 years old. I thought having my girls 10 years apart would be easy, but it's just like having them 2 years apart, lol! Heather

  5. Love all of your Christmas decor, you have great ideas!

  6. Really pretty scalloped hem on that skirt! Is it going back in mom's closet? hahaha Loving the booties with the fur embellishments too!

  7. I love this outfit perfect for CA winter:) Love your pose with just the earrings looks so professional! Those boots are really cute and love the crackled blue nail. I was not a fan of them but in this color it does look cool. Love your ornaments and İ realized when I am at your house I need to look at every one of them closely. Even as little as I have I like to look at them everyday:)


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