Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cindy Lou Who, how do you do?

 Today's outfit to see the play 'Grinch Who Stole Christmas' with my son!

First I wore this outfit with my cutest pointy toe sling back hot pink shoes and layers and layers of pearls. It looked great but way too dressy. So I decided to make it edgy for the day by adding the black belt, black booties and chunky chain necklaces and the silver foil lizard skin tote. I love the outcome!

Top, Necklace, Blouse - Forever 21
Tulle Skirt - Romwe
Booties - Michael Antonio from Zappos
Purse - 6951

After arriving from north of LA we had the kids continue their nap as I unpacked, did laundry and showered. As soon as they woke up we went to buy their xmas tree. This is one of our family traditions. We have our beatiful fake tree in the living room every year. But for the kids they select a small fresh tree and decorate it with their own non breakable ornaments in any way they want. I resist all urges to even out the ornament spacing and the lights etc... My son cherishes each and every ornament and how it is placed. He is so me that it is scary. My daughter this year was also old enough this year to hang her own ornaments and she loved it.
My son was so cute asking if their tree and ornaments would still be there in the morning!

Our house and garage currently is a complete mess. Usually I spend the whole 3 day weekend following Thanksgiving putting up xmas ornaments and lights. However this year since we didn't get home until Saturday afternoon plus had to unpack we are totally behind. I had my husband take down all the xmas boxes but they are sitting all around the living room. I like to take my time and slowly decorate so it is going to be a whole week probably.
This morning my friend and I took just our sons to the play. It was our 2nd time their 1st time. We got there in time to have a little snack and visit the gift shop. The boys absolutely loved the show. They really do an amazing job with staging, costumes, singing and acting. Highly Recommend it if you are ever in San Diego this time of the year. Afterwards we took them to a nice lunch at the El Parado restaurant.
Instead of ording the typical kids meal, I ordered my son a plate of steamed mussels and to my friend's and the waitress's amazement he ate the whole thing loving it. That is my boy for you.
After we got home we went to costco for some more xmas light shopping then picked up my daughter from my mom's and got home. My bf is over tonight and we are trying 'newspaper nails' I read from the 'Fashion Fabrice' blog. I will post those photos and outcome tomorrow.


  1. I love those black booties. too cute!

  2. bootielerin yeni mi,çok beğendim.beyaz etekle çok hoş durmuş :)

  3. Lovely look! I looove your sunnies!

  4. Great look! Love the hot pink and black :)

  5. The black shoes and belt really turned this cute outfit into rocker chic glam! LOVE the toole beneath the skirt and your attitude made it rock :)

  6. oh i really love the skirt and those awesome booties!

    i have to get a christmas tree soon!

  7. I love how you added the jewelry and cute boots to achieve a different look. Love the pics of your kiddos, they are adorable! :)

  8. Great outfit! LOVE those booties!

    BTW... I stuck with the booties for my flight last week. I got several compliments. Thanks for encouraging me to stick with them.

  9. İ loved the whole look you were rocking indeed. Love the kids pictures and Trevor eating Mussels is a normal Turkish child behavior but not ans American for sure!!! We had a really fun day with Juliet and İ must have kissed her a million times:)

  10. Adorable outfit (really digging the necklace and booties)! Your kiddos are so adorable!


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