Friday, December 2, 2011


Today's outfit is another Bee from Atlantic Pacific Inspiration:
 I could have worn my red peacoat as well but I have been wanting to wear this cute cape jacket I took from my mom's closet. Plus this was a lot more comfortable to wear indoors so I kept the full outfit intact the whole time. Scarf and all...

Nice get use out of this maxi tank summer dress in winter months...

Added black cuffs and bangles and the resin rose ring...

 Check out these coolest 'mohawk' earrings I found at F21 online! Then flipping through my fashion magazines I see this:
These are retailed at Elizabeth Cole Jewelry for $238! The do come in cool colors though.
Or the ones I got from Forever 21 for $12. I tried to find them but they are no longer on the site. That is F21 for you...

Cape Jacket, Earrings, bracelets, ring - Forever 21
Maxi Dress - Marshall's
Booties - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

At PreSchool today it was my son's turn to 'share' a special toy he has with the class. He took this silly Soldier toy that sings a classic army song in Turkish. It was a toy given by one of my mom's friend's. It was amazing how that obnoxiously loud toy was barely heard in the class. Just shows to prove you how noisy it is there. After couple other kids showed their toys they all get to have their friends play with the toys they brought.
 Presenting his toy:

Here he is sharing the toy with others:

And here he is playing with the toy his other friend brought. Consequently the other friend is bilingual too and the toy had Japanese option.

And my daughter is checking out a doll her friend brought to share:

And lastly my kids being the monkey's they are. Well more my little troublemaker girl than son...

Today's Friend Friday hosted by Katy @ Modly Chic Blog is about Christmas Wish Lists!

To see my list which I posted last week click HERE!

But since I posted the list I had a few more items that I have come across...

First to re-cap mylist:
1. Michael Kors Parfume
2. Laptop lap cusion/desk from Pottery Barn Teen
3. Photoshop
4. Iphone blue tooth and car charger
5. Travel size antibacterial gels and hand creams

My new items are:
1. Rugged military style boots in black.
I am liking these 'Blake' Doc Martens:

2. portable, collapsible flats to wear when the heels get to be too much! 
I am loving these Puma 'Rhytm and Shine' ones:
 Or these crinkled patent leather from Corso Como found in Zappos:
You can see the puma's are better though with the padding on the heel area that will ensure the shoes don't hurt!
3. And Finally I had forgatton to add this: A lens that goes from 18 to 200+mm and is compact to fit my SLR.
Such as Tamron 18-200:

Or this 18-270mm more expansive one that has a technology i am not sure if it is worth for a non professional or not:

Well those are the additions so far! :)



  1. ohh this laptop desk looks so cool! on my list is 70-300 and tripod

  2. Your outfit has interesting proportions that catch the eye, and beautiful colors.

    Your kids are adorable. Their experience of showing off their toys to others must have be a maturing one.

    I like your wishlist. I recently bought a similar zoom-lens for my Nikon (made by Nikkor) which has (for more money) a vibration-reduction technology. I don't know if that's the tech you're referring to. With my lens, it's worth the extra money 'cause it makes the pictures sharper. These lens are heavier and thus prone to shaking when handheld.

  3. Great look! Nice of mom to let you 'steal' the cape. Hee Hee

  4. senin minişlere bayılıyorum çok taalılar :))
    bu arada küpelerin bir harikaaa,kombinin de sana çok yakışmış :)

  5. I have these Doc martens with bucles, I love them so much !

  6. Love love love this outfit and your earrings are so glam especially for $12!!! Trevor's soldier toy is one of my favorite's too:) Your list looks so cool İ don't even know what I want those teal and brown lizard skin Mary Janes I guess İ also like the juicy parfumes they are all on sale at TJMaxx or was:) İ do need a pepper spray pink at rite aid and a new pair of eyes to see my beautiful kids and grandkids without my glasses!!!

  7. Those Laremont boots are super cute! Loved the outfit! Nice..wish list!!!
    XO Carrie

  8. This is a great look, it looks almost identical to the inspiration! I'm in love with your sunglasses, gorgeous!


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