Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Baby

 Today's outfit was from an inspiration photo from February 2011 of People Style Watch:

This is not that special but it is a new combination of my very old bebe green cargo pants and the pink cotton button down.

Blouse - Mango (from Turkey years and years ago)
Pants - Bebe
Belt - The Limited
Shoes - TJ Maxx
Necklace - Send the Trend

Had a busy day today. Our outdoor class had a field trip at Pat & Oscar's. Yes, I know it is weird to have a field trip to a restaurant but they had the kids make their own pizzas and then tour the kitchen and the whole back area. Then served the pizzas they made for the kids to eat. It was cool and different. Of course it wasn't tiring enough for the kids though cause later they were running around like wild animals on the patio giving all the mother's this fearful look. Since it ended early we had some time to run errands then get home to finish the outside lights. Not only is it hard to put lights by myself but it is even harder with two kids running a mock during the process.
Got it done regardless though.
After naps met my dad at the mall to take the kids to see Santa. It was so nice to got at that hour cause there was only one boy in front of us and no one behind us so the kids took their time talking to Santa. Well actually more my son. He even took a photo of the toy he wants so Santa knows exactly what to get. My daughter was scared but sat with me holding his hand. I leaned back as far as possible so they can take the photo without me in it. Dad got some good shots of all of this.

My son giving santa the photo of the toy he wants.

I hate when these do not rotate!

 Afterwards we had a lady take a photo of us:

And here are some photos from the Pat & Oscar's field trip:


  1. The kiddos look like they were having a blast making the pizzas. My six year old is finally not scared of Santa this year! Love your outfit. It's simple, but chic :) Heather

  2. Pink and olive are a divine color combo! Love this laid back look and that you added the ultra fab necklace to jazz it all up!


  3. Cute! I love your interpretation of the look and the shoes are adorable :)

  4. Love this look, especially the jewelry and shoes! :)

    I think that's a great idea for a field trip. Love the pics with Santa, so cute!

  5. love the outfit especially with the bebe pants -which you owe it to me to save it:)- love the santa photos with Juliet holding your hand and Trevor showing the picture is priceless! Love the pizza session what a great fun experience for them. Good for yo to take them all over the place my super mommy!


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