Thursday, December 1, 2011

Davey Crockett

 Today's outfit was inspired by last year's J Crew catalog. The weather actually got back to normal today but I didn't want to change the outfit cause in the past I have decided to wear this outfit and did not multiple times. I just wanted to wear it and remove it from my list.
Picked the cover photo of the 'winterized' version of the inspiration outfit below:

Mid day, especially when I had to grocery shop it got warm and i was back to this stage of the outfit:
 It is an interesting combination this burnt coral blouse with burgundy corduroy pants. I love finding inspirations that allow me to wear super old pieces like this blouse bought for our big Safari trip to Kenya, Africa back in 2004. The whole set of clothes rest in my son's closet waiting for another lifetime opportunity to take such trip again! But in the mean time it is nice to use some of them here and there.
 Pink pashmina scarf is very old and I don't even remember where and how I acquired it. The purse was purchased for a summer beach purse about 3-4 years ago. I just took it out for the shoot as I was too lazy to switch the contents of my diaper bag to do this just for today.

And to make the outfit versatile for the colder weather, I added the very dark brown leather jacket and the faux fur hat! For some variety took out my brown and gold aviator sunglasses...

My son said I looked like a boy story book character in this hat! He is kind of right and I do get the Davey Crockett feel a bit which inspired my title!

Of course as you suspect I did not wear these nude beauties. I was supposed to have a mommy's night out tonight and was going to wear them then but that got cancelled and I plan to do some peaceful xmas shopping in actual stores without the kids. So all that took place in my cognac ugg boots. 

Leather Jacket - Andrew Marc (Marc New York)
Blouse - Eddie Bauer
Pants, Hat - Forever 21
Scarf - can't remember
Shoes - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - Channel

Took the kids to see the 'Muppets' movie at a 'mommy and me' movie theater. It was nice cause I only paid $6 for myself and both kids were free since they were under 4. And it is  nice to not stress about kids talking with louder voices etc.. since it was a mommy and me movie hour. The lights are not dimmed all the way and there are a lot of babies.
After naps we stayed home so I can pay bills and cook dinner but I left when my husband got home so I can do a bit of xmas shopping in peace. Met with my mom and sister and we hit our usual stop which is TJ Maxx. Great finds. I really need to start on my gift wrapping though. The guest room closet is getting out of control. Hopefully next week.

Here are some photos from yesterday when Kids decorated my mom and stepdad's tree:

She insisted on wanting to ride this skateboard ornament!

Watching music u-tube videos with Grandpa!


  1. i love these rusty colors...rust and orange seems to be my fall favorites! great hat! my sister has one that she brings to new years every year. i had fun wearing it last year!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  2. çok şık olmuşsun tatlım, bu renkler sana çok yakışıyor, kış olmasına rağmen içimi açtı...

  3. Great color combo. The nude heels look awesome with this outfit. The kiddos look so cute in their pajamas hanging out with grandpa :)

  4. This is a great monochromatic look...and that bag is fantastic!

  5. So loving the color of those pants!! The nude shoes are an excellent choice with this ensemble!

  6. pantolonunun rengini ve formunu çok beğendim canım..
    iyi hafta sonları :)

  7. I adore this outfit, the color mix is gorgeous. Those pants are fab!


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