Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Bye Winnie

Today's outfit is another JCrew inspiration from their Fall 2011 Catalog:
I liked it cause I never think of wearing my longer shorts outside of summer with jackets and socks like this. Thought that was a cool idea...

Both of these necklaces are handmade by Aunt who is a jeweler. The chains are hand braided and her own patented design...You can check out her website HERE!

These socks with these very old coach loafers is not my favorite part but they looked cooler than my cream oxfords so went with them anyway...

Jacket, Shorts - Forever 21
Blouse - Victoria's Secret
Belt - Limited
Shoes - Coach
Eyeglasses - Chanel


At Preschool today we returned back 'Winnie' the stuffed animal puppet dog that was with us for a week. We took photos of the kids with the dog and made a scrapbook page and my son and daughter got to present this to the whole class. I video taped the whole thing and my friends snapped the photos...

In the evening I cooked like a mad woman again to keep us full on this crazy protein and veggie diet. My friend came over with (non-diet) food for herself and my kids. Once the kids went to sleep we watched pre-recorded shows and did our nails. She won OPI's puppet series box set and we painted our nails this bronzish glitter which looks really cool.


  1. Diz hizasında şortun kısa çorap ile kullanımı hem çok cesur hem de stil sahibi bir kombin olmuş ;) inspiration resmindeki gibi Oxfordlarla da çok güzel olacak bu kombinde en çok kısa çorabı sevdim ben

    BeTwin Us

  2. love how u put it together with ur own spice ;)

  3. Love this look. You are so creative! I'm sure your kiddos will miss Winnie. Cute photos!

  4. Awwww, I lvoe that project of keeping "WInnie" the puppet dog for some time and then creating a scrap book. How proud were you when the kids presented there pictures? Thanks for sharing that. And I'm loving your style.

  5. Wow your Aunt's jewelry is gorgeous! Love the outfit too!

  6. Love this combo very much and the Coach loafers look great with it! you had winnie the poo crib set when yo were a baby!!!


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