Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mingle

The photos did not come out good today so, sorry about that... I had gotten the inspiration for the top combo of this in the F21 store. Put it together with stuff I already own...

Jacket, Lace Blouse, Tee, Necklaces & Boots - Forever 21
Skinny Cargo Pants - Target

Participating in MONDAY MINGLE today...
A fashion focused initiative that sprung from the minds of BonBon Rose Girls, Momtrends and Glammamom.
Each week they take turns hosting the linky and invite you to link up with any fashion related post that you would love to get some exposure! 
Bon Bon Rose Girls are hosting this week. 
So click HERE to see others!

I hate starting the week unprepared. 'Prepared' in my book means, the laundry is done and put away, the grocery shopping has been done and there is a meal list planned and my outfits are already chosen and I am somewhat caught up on email, blog reading and bills. None of these with the exception of my outfit list (which I did before I left for the weekend) was done. So woke up early to get a head start on unpacking and laundry. Spent the morning at Pre-school. During and after naps ran around the house at probably my target heart rate trying to unpack all the bags from the trip finish laundry, clean the kitchen and cooked like crazy for at least couple of days/nights. With us on the diet we ate so little and spent too much on the little food we ate so I wanted to make-up for it and cook bunch of different meat/fish and veggie dishes at least for couple days. Created a humungous mess in the kitchen which took almost as long as to clean up as to create. My stepdad came over to play with the kids and helped with baths and bedtime which helped so much to get everything done. Plus we had cable installation and loan closing notary public appointments in the house. What a crazy day.

I am also totally behind in my snapfish annual albums that I am trying to catch-up since December is only a month away. Every year I create one giant family album that contains the best of all the photos we took that year. The creation of this album takes forever though so I promised myself last year that I wouldn't go crazy trying to finish my albums all at once. So my goal was to add each month throughout the year. I did really good until summer than fell behind and now I need to catch-up. I also create an annual blog photo album, memory books for the kids and calendars for various family members. I have about 10 open projects in Snapfish at any given point!


  1. Love this look! The lace and the boots look edgy feminine, which is a great combo :)

  2. That army jacket is soooo cool!!!

  3. parka & biker boots çok cool olmuş canım..

    Wear A Smile!

  4. love this edgy look! the jacket with the black jeans and booties, the lace and that necklace are all so gorgeous!


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