Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Tulle like Rihanna

 This was my outfit tonight to go to the mini thread show with my girlfriend. The inspiration came from this tiny photo of Rhinana:
I tried on so many different grey blazers but none looked right so changed it up a bit with a white graphic tee and a tweed shorter jacket instead:
Wearing my new romwe tulle skirt. Love it. Loved how I was covered in tulle all night. Like wearing a wedding gown!

These shoes are super old and used to my work shoes for the season they were bought. They show a bit of an age but the style is unique so I kept them:

Jacket - Part of a suit from Newport News
Tee - from a street vendor in Turkey
Skirt - Romwe
Socks, bracelets, red belt - Forever 21
Shoes - BCBGirls
Knuckle Clutch purse - Expressions NYC (from TJ Maxx)

And here is the outfit I wore during the day to do grocery shopping, visit the dr with my dad and some early xmas shopping since the store was near the Dr's office:

The Inspiration Photo:

Everything from Forever 21 except for the boots which are UGGs...

Thread show was tiny in this hair salon with 2 clothes vendors, 1 purse vendor and 1 very cool jewelry vendor with prices in the $500-$800 range so that was a bit weird.
We actually picked out a 'ton' of clothes especially me but ended up only getting 2 graphic tee's and my friend bought one adorable dress. We then went to dinner and enjoyed a night without kids. Took some photos with the iphone but it is too late to download right now...


  1. I love how you take inspiration in magazine pictures and turn them into personal outfits, it's always a pleasure and a surprise to discover your new ideas !!! This one is particularly beautiful !

  2. Fun love the tulle skirt! Also totally digging those red pants! Great outfits!

  3. Tulle skirt is a beauty! Also really love your casual look. im always looking for inspiration for casual day looks with the kids!

  4. Love it love it love it. Tulle is so playful and glamorous. You look terrific and it sounds like you felt the same way. Great skirt.

  5. What an awesome skirt! I would just want to twirl around all night :) Heather

  6. Two great inspirations that you have captured in your own way. Love it!


  7. Adorable! I'd never be able to pull off that first look!

  8. Tulle is one of my favorite fabrics. The first time I saw Rihanna's outfit I thought the mix was wonderful. A bit princess meets rocker. I love your version.

  9. You have the cutest blog. Your lovely personality is evident through the bog. LOVE!

    This blazer is perfect! These shoes belong in my closet as well.

    BTW... thank you for stopping by my blog the other day... and yes, I did remove the jacket for "ultimate fierceness" when I met the girls for dinner and drinks. Red sweater & black leather skirt... I got a little attention. Hee Hee!

    Hope you will stop by again soon?

  10. What a fun take on Rihanna's outfit. I also like your red jeans.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. Your outfit came out great at the end and looked very pulled together and fun!!

  12. The toole outfit is so cool! LOVE the mixing of styles but the toole definetely keeps it all so fun! Awesome outfit!!

  13. We love this!!! Your blog and all the ideas are super cute! So fab! The tulle looks awesome!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.



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