Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Nail Polish

 This was inspired by In Style's January 2012 issue:

Just an opportunity to wear these items together. The tee is new though so that was exciting...

Shirt Jacket - Gap
Scarf - Ed Hardy
Tee, Skirt, hat - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Clutch - Romwe

Kids had snack today so that was fun since they got to be teacher's helpers all day.

After school I took the two other mommies who babysat the kids during my kindergarten tour and breakdown late arrival on Wednesday to lunch.

Later in the afternoon my daughter made me promise that we would paint her nails pink. She asked for this before nap so I gave in but told her we would take it off before bath. She sat there without moving an inch then waited with her hands spread open on a pillow for 10 minutes for the polish to dry! I wish I had taken a photo fo that pose but I had promised to help with my son's puzzle after the polish application.
She is just such a girl. Then she put on her princess outfit and played super hero with her brother's mask! And that is my Juliet in a nutshell....

My sample clothes have finally arrived!!!!
I was sooo excited and opened them one by one and hung them on the new rack. The ones that were close to my size I started trying them on and creating outfits with my own scarf and necklace accessories...
I took photos although in the evening light and inside and the chaos of my house they came out a bit blurry but it is past 1 AM now and i have to go to bed so I will post tomorrow.
I also will link up to FBFF tomorrow too...
I need more time in the day that is for sure....


  1. Defnecim, bir "fularkolik" olarak, fularini çok begendim !

    Kizin ne kadar $irin öyle ^^

  2. i LOVE the cross tee!'re little one had her first taste of polish!? and what did i miss?? what's the sample clothing?


  3. So chic ! I love your shoes !!!

  4. i love your inspiration outfits. they're so very creative! i love the comfy tee and addition of such fab accessories like that hat and scarf. but my fave part are those boots. i really wanna wear my combat boots but haven't since it's hard to bend over and tie them at 9 mo preggo! haha. i might have to though just because :) love your daughter's zebra skirt and my eldest LOVES to paint her nails!!!

  5. loving the clutch! cool mama as always and your little girl is such a cutie love the pink polish :)

  6. OMG I have so many comments and don't know where to start! First of all your outfit is very interesting. So many pieces put together and came out cute. Nicely done. Your earrings reminded me that I want my blue bead wants back along with my short red jacket:) please. The kids both look adorable during the pledge of allegiance! Juliet's polish is too early but priceless how she waited on the pillow!


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